DraxisWeb Store Coming Soon

Good day DraxisWeb friends and fans!

I just wanted to drop by today between coming up with ideas for new blogs to tell you about some exciting new news from the DraxisWeb store front.  Due to our selling more than just books online and at conventions we have decided that it would be in our best interests to get one of the various card swipers that are on the market. This way with our smart phone we can now take credit cards when we go to various conventions, flea markets and the like!

But what does this mean for our website?

Well since we decided to go with Square Register this means that I can create a Square Webstore and link to it from this website! This means ordering from us will now be a lot easier than sending us an email with everything you want in it and now we’ll also be able to take credit cards with a secure sever thanks to Square.

So keep your eyes on our site as soon I’ll be setting up our websites new webstore and opening it for business!


1 thought on “DraxisWeb Store Coming Soon

  1. Great step in the right direction for your business. Excepting more payment options should bring you more money, right?

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