Hey DraxisWeb readers I have some good news for you. As you may have noticed our shop was down for about a month recently due to the fact that I was in the hospital getting my kidney out and recuperating from that. However I have been getting better and better every day and so we figured it was about time to open the shop back up!

To celebrate the end of the year and the holidays that are coming up I am going to add an end of year sale for everyone that buys after reading this post! If you read this and then buy something from our store you can save 20% off your entire purchase! Just add the following coupon code before you check out holiday20… thats right just type in holiday20 and you can save 20% off our soaps, books, perler bead creations, magic tricks and anything else we add from now till the end of the year.

We still have our best selling pokeball soaps available this year, they sold like hot cakes last year so gotta catch them all while we still have them!!

Don’t forget to check back with us for cyber monday sales! We should have 2 limited edition soaps that we will be creating this week as well as some even better discounts!!!

Also remember all proceeds from our sales go directly to helping pay the bills from Kevin Coryells Cancer Treatments! So in this way you can help our family during this holiday season while grabbing presents for your family!!


4 thoughts on “DraxisWeb Productions Shop Now Open

  1. I’ll never miss such awesome chance. Me and my daughter love those pokeball soaps and I’ll surely order them before they sold out. Thanks for the 20% discounts!

  2. Wow, congratulations! That is really good news for us and for you too :)) I hope you feel better now, and I hope your shop will success as it did last time :)) Thank you for 20 percent discount, I will definitely use it and tell my friends about that – it’s really good deal :)) thanks again!

  3. Nice discount as usual. It really attracts customers and get high sales and of course profits as well . It is good to know that you are putting the revenues for cancer patient treatments. It attracts me to spend more at your store. Will recommend to my mates as well.

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