I want to take a moment and make mention of a few things we are working on here at DraxisWeb for our gaming things. The first thing I want to mention is that there have been several things that have disrupted our plans to work with the Relay for Life over the past couple of years. As you may know, I was the team leader for our city’s team that oversaw our Twitter and Facebook groups for most of a year. However, due to some internal disputes between myself and the person overseeing our region, I stepped down from that position (I won’t get into why here in public but if someone wishes to contact me feel free and I’ll discuss it privately off the record). 

This past year before Covid even hit, things changed for Ocala and not for the greatest. We lost one of our regional people (not the one I had a beef with) and she was replaced with someone new who had vastly different ways of approaching our Relay plans. Normally, we started our season in October, but as October grew closer no one knew anything about what was going to happen- not even our event team leaders. Information and communication was lacking and then finally we heard that things were going to get started in January I believe it was. Now mind you, in Ocala our Relay was typically in April so we just cut down our normal 6 months of planning (we usually had off in December) and cut it down to effectively 3 months to plan and a half to get the final stuff ready. Between this and not having many people show up to the meetings for teams, I have decided that as much as I want to support the Relay for Life that to be honest, for me personally, the ACS really hasn’t done a thing for us and the local community, and Relay in Ocala just isn’t being taken seriously by the ACS it seems nor by the residents. So while it pains me to say this, Relay for Life and the Cancel Cancer movement we started here with DraxisWeb is being put on the back burner for the time being until the ACS can get their shit together in Ocala and take us and our ideas and desires seriously again.

That being said, we at DraxisWeb have a few announcements as to where we want to go in the future for our Gaming things as well as what we want to do with further supporting our favorite charities. So first the charities. DraxisWeb Gaming is proud to say we are once again signing up for Extra Life this year to help raise money for children’s hospitals in our area. This wonderful gaming based charity uses platforms like twitch, youtube, and more to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Now while I have not gotten help from the ACS directly when it came to my cancer, my local Hospital Shands in Gainesville where my son was born is a CMN Hospital and as such can get funding directly from what I raise for the CMN through Extra Life. So while I’m not expecting a ton this year seeing as we only have about 4 months till the normal Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for the CMN I am wanting to get the DraxisWeb team established again this year and really cranking things out for next year!

You can go HERE to either join our team or make a donation

Onto our next quick announcement. DraxisWeb, while already having a dedicated YouTube presence, is splitting off the gaming section onto its own YouTube channel. We are moving our old videos there and we are starting to ramp up production of new video content. We want to bring you news about updates for some of our favorite games, game reviews, let’s play videos and more! What we need though are some subscribers so I will be dropping the link right below here and if you like what we do in our normal blog reviews I hope you’ll stop by our YouTube channel HERE and help us grow! I hope to start planning for a small giveaway once we hit 200 subscribers so go join us there and help us grow. Also, check back with our blogs here so that you know when we decide what our give away will be! Again you can find our YouTube channel HERE, please subscribe if you like videos and live streams about gaming!

We also have a DraxisWeb Gaming FaceBook page that can be found HERE where we will be sharing Gaming News and all of the new videos we put out! So please like our page and keep track of what we’re doing!

In everything we do, our goal is to make a positive impact and help people in need the best that we can. Right now, we believe these changes are the best for Draxis Web and for our goals to make an impact.  We are always open to ideas and suggestions for reviews, charity events, fundraisers, video and blog reviews, and anything else you would like to see or be involved in with us. So contact us and let us know- we want to hear from you!

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