DraxisSoaps Sale Coming Soon!

Have you looked at our line of Geek Soaps and said “wow these are cool! I would love to get one but I’m not sure I want to pay so much.”

Well then your lucky day will be coming by the end of the week!

Soon we will be going through our overstock of Soaps from Ancient City Con and selling them at a cheaper price here on our website!

We still have Large Tardis Soaps, a 4 set of Daleks, Skulls, Roses, Coffins, Han Solo in Carbonite, Death Stars and even Pokeballs with surprise Pokemon inside!

All proceeds will go to help our kickstarter which you can find here~~~~>  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/769009678/draxis-soaps-homemade-themed-soaps


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1 thought on “DraxisSoaps Sale Coming Soon!

  1. Kindly let me know when is the next sale. Although, your must have geek soaps are well worth the price they come for, but still getting a little discount is always nice. Getting such a quality product at a discount (even if it’s $1) is a real steal. Would pick two or three more from my favorite shapes, if and when you start the sale again. Thanks!

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