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About our Soaps and our Company:

DraxisWeb Productions is run by two creative people Sarah Jo Coryell and myself Kevin Coryell. While we are both writers, we also end up with interesting ideas in other areas and when they seem like really good ideas we try to run with them.

In this case,we had the idea that whenever we go to the few conventions we like we see just about anything imaginable for the various fandoms we like, just about anything but never have we seen soaps! Around the time we came to this conclusion, we also noticed one of my friends from childhood had started to sell her own soaps at flea markets and so after speaking to her about how things are done we found out that it could be viable to do specialized soaps for the geek and horror communities.

We have bought some premade molds and are now learning how to make some molds of our own. While we don’t make our own soap we do buy quality melt and pour bases and will be listing the ingredients on our site for you in case anyone is worried about allergies. We also want to keep a stock of additives and fragrances that you can pick to customize your soaps.

Unlike other home based soap makers I want to be perfectly honest with you. We don’t sit here and whittle down a bar until we have everything with exacting perfect detail and guess what- neither do those other home based companies. We make molds and we pour the soap into it, if someone makes it sound like they are doing more to make their soaps I can assure you they aren’t. While this process isn’t as horribly hard as some sites will make you think, it is a very tedious process because we are limited to only making anywhere from 1-6 of something at a time depending on how many molds of a certain thing we have. WeE also have to work on coloring, fragrances, pouring, cooling, and safely removing the soaps from the molds. This is by no means a mass making process. My wife and I are the only soap makers and we take our time and care with each pour trying to get the colors and everything else just right for you.

Be checking back often to see what new soaps we are offering!

12 thoughts on “DraxisSoap History

  1. I think it’s so awesome that you came up with this kind of business idea and ran with it. I’d love to do something similar (although probably not soaps), but I have no idea where to start. I know from my experience as a freelance writer that starting a business and reliable client base is DIFFICULT. Best of luck to the two of you, it really seems like you know what you’re doing and I would LOVE to order some new soap once I have a little bit of spare cash handy. 🙂

    1. Thanks- it is a lot of work but worth it. And please let us know what soaps you are interested in and we will get some to you!

  2. This is nice idea to create soaps of different colors and flavors. I can understand that it is tedious and attentive work. Good luck to you both for your new business. I just checked out all your soap products at squareup, you have vast range of varieties and flavors. I would like to order pokeball soaps for my toddler.

    1. Whenever you want them just purchase them at our square store or the etsy store and we’ll get them right to you!

  3. What a great idea! I’ve slowly started getting into handmade products myself. I wanted to start with soap for awhile, however, I was so afraid of the steps you had to take and the precautions as well. I think this post was the budge I needed. Thanks for sharing you story and once your shops reopens I’ll be taking a peek around!

    1. Just so you know this history was created when we ONLY did the geek soaps and the soaps that are heavily molded…those are made with Melt and Pour soaps or M&P and require very little in the way of precautions other than working with hot liquid. Now we are also doing full homemade soaps and these do require some very careful precautions as you will be working with lye which can be very dangerous.

  4. Such a cool idea! I like that you found a niche market that caters to customers you understand (because you share their interests). Must be kind of fun to do as a couple, too. Has anything in the soap making process/business surprised you along the way?

    1. I think one of the biggest surprises that I found in this business so far is the attitudes of certain people. There is a huge difference I am finding when it comes to people like my Wife and I who are making the bars from scratch now and the mindset of those that only do the Melt and Pour type of soaps. For instance I have found that there is a bond among the people who create their own soaps from scratch. We talk to each other, we share tips and tricks and it is a very nice brotherhood of people. WHen we first got into the M&P side of things though we found a whole different sort of people…we found people who were willing to attack us verbally and in print simply because we said we had never seen geek soap at the conventions we had gone to. They took this as an insult even though they were doing business out of the California coast and had never come to Florida, us not hearing about them was somehow a slight to them and they had no problems telling us where to shove it and telling us off and saying how we were trying to copy these other businesses we had never heard of nor seen. Yet the other day we were down in Old Town near Kississimee Florida and we met someone who owned a soap shop and we got to talking and asked how they made the soaps what proceses and such said we were doing the same thing…we bought some of her soap and she gave us some of her contacts for fragrances and someone who makes bath bombs for her shop. This never would have happened in the geek soap world though.

  5. Got interested into the backstory as to why you chose to do a soap making business, this reminds me of how one of the people in prison in Orange is The New Black had a soap making business as well before she was imprisoned. Anyhow, wow, that does take some patience knowing you can only make a limited number of soaps in every batch. I know this post is a bit dated, how are you guys in terms of the soap making venture?

    1. Right now the soap making is on hold. We unfortunately lost all our stock during an outdoor fair type thing and the entire place was infested with Fire Ants. Fire Ants were everywhere and all we could do was throw out all the soap we made. However we do not have a huge income with my being basically disabled in all but name now a days thanks to the cancer stuff among other things and so we have not been able to replace our stock due to cost of supplies. Hopefully next year or maybe a small supply by the end of this year in a few of the more wintery types might be back.

      1. Sorry to hear! Fire Ants are pretty ferocious regardless of how small they are compared to what they are attacking. I can only imagine the look of a group of fire ants attacking into the stocks you had. Hopefully you can get back on track with regards to the soap making when the other things get settled. 🙂

        1. I do hope so…both because I quite enjoyed it and because my own back stock that I use myself is down to the last bar or two! I always keep one bar from every batch I make to use personally…I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn’t personally use after all! I am hoping that in the next few months to make at least a batch or two of our Pumpkin Spice soaps and if so I’ll be sure to make a post about it here. The pumpkin spice ones are actually one of my favorites that we made as we replaced some of the liquid with actual canned pumpkin and added some ginger and cinnamon into it. The smell is absolutely wonderful if you enjoy the Pumpkin Spice stuff and I really want to get a new batch or two to try and sell at Necronomicon in Tampa when we go back to it at the end of October!

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