DraxisSoap Crowdfunding Project

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Having been to many conventions my wife and I have noticed one thing missing. Geeks and Nerds can get just about ANYTHING they want for their specific fandom except for themed soaps. We want to be able to change this. Our plan is to make homemade soaps for the Geeks and Nerds in all of our lives!To do this we NEED YOUR HELP! We are currently running an indiegogo campaign to raise the funds needed to truly be able to break into this market and we would like your help to do it.

When: For the next 59 days the Campaign will run ending on jun 8th @ 11:59 pst.

Our Goal: We are looking for 600 dollars. This will allow us to get over 100 pounds of various soap bases a good selection of colors, additives and fragrances. Anything extra will go towards more molds and mold making supplies and more soap.

How can you help?: If you like our idea there are three ways to help us that are very simple. The first way is to Share this link and event to all of your friends! The second way to help is to go and donate to the fund. If all of my friends donated just 1 dollar we would most likely be at about 85-90% of our goal all ready!!! The third way you can help is by actually stopping by our website and perhaps purchasing some of the soaps we already have in stock!

What do you get by helping us?: Imagine the happiness of you geek friend when you give him/her a Tardis made of soap! Imagine how happy your kids will be to take showers when they know their pokeball soap will eventually yield a pokemon figure for their collection! Imagine how much better convention halls could smell when our Death Star soaps are used when you accidentally forgot your soap at home so you could pack your cosplay costume at the last moment! As if all of this wasn’t enough we also have a list of “perks” that we will be giving to people who help us reach our goals which includes soaps and books!

So remember to share the link as that is free and can help us immensely and also remember when you can’t find a gift for your Star trek loving friend because they already own everything ever sold, perhaps a soap of the USS Enterprise would be just the perfect gift.

Also remember that when you help small businesses grow it helps everyone!

Fund Raiser- https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/homemade-geek-themed-soaps-a-dream-come-true

2 thoughts on “DraxisSoap Crowdfunding Project

  1. Just went through some of those custom-shaped geek soaps on your website’s catalogue. Mighty impressed. I liked them so much, that before writing this comment, i had already ordered some Tardis and Pokemon shaped soaps from your online store. I have purchased 4 of both, as you never know when rare stuff like this go out of stock. Can’t wait to try them. Please deliver soon. 🙂
    And I hope your crowdfunding was a success. These soaps needs to be mass produced and should be found in the bathroom of every home. They are that good!

    1. Brandon we just checked our Etsy, Square shop and our DraxisSoaps email address but we are not finding your order in any of these places. Can you let us know where you ordered from so we can double check as it may not have actually gone through but we want to make sure that we get to any orders in a good amount of time.

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