DraxisCrafts Chainmaille

Hello everyone and welcome to our chainmail section for Draxis Crafts. In this section, we’ll be bringing some small blogs with our various weaves and projects that we are working on. The great thing is we are also working on some price points for our chainmail, so if you see a weave you like or a project you like you can contact us about making something for you!

Right now we have a GoFundMe running in line with our Chainmaille projects that will make it where we can do many more projects and make them cheaper and with more color options. So if you would like to help us out, just follow the link HERE. We are also working on making some bonuses for the fans of our site that help us out, so be sure to check out that blog HERE to see what you could get for helping us!

As you may have seen before from this site, the various crafts that we make here are both fun for us but also are a form of mental health therapy for Kevin Coryell. Our founder is a disabled cancer survivor and suffers from depression and anxiety, so the various crafts he works on help to stave off the mental/emotional problems he deals with. Chainmail has been a great new project for Kevin as it is something he has always loved since he has been going to ren faires since the mid-’90s. Kevin has always loved the tales of knights and to be able to make jewelry and even scalemail pieces for people to wear is just a very awesome project in his eyes. This is something he is planning on doing for a while so be sure to check back often to see what new projects he has been working on.