Draxis Review: Godzilla on PS4

With the coming of the Christmas season, geeks like me get new toys! This year as you may have seen in other posts, we have added to our collection as a family gift to ourselves, a brand new sleek PS4 1TB system. But what good is a system without new games you may ask. Absolutely none- which is why my wife has scoured Ebay for some things I may like to play and come up with a few new games for me to review here on our site. So, from Dreadnought to Godzilla to Deadpool and a collection of 6 -count em 6 Kingdom Hearts games on one disk- we are gonna be busy bringing you some reviews this holiday season no matter if you’re on the Nice or Naughty list!

Today’s review comes to us from a giant lizard who has a tendency to terrorize Japan every so often. That’s right, the Kaiju known as Godzilla has come up out of the ocean and found its way onto my PS4. This Godzilla game is a PS4 exclusive if you can trust the game cover, which I would say is most likely trustworthy. I have to say, it’s a shame this game is not cross platform because those without a PS4 are truly missing out in my opinion….well at least in some ways!


So far I have played through the main campaign one time as Godzilla and I have to say I quite enjoy this mode. This mode lets you pick your path as your rampage through Japan as Godzilla. In this mode as you choose which way to go you also choose who is in charge of Japan’s defense force that tries to kill you. Each new Prime Minister has a different difficulty setting, so depending on what path you choose, you decide whether its easy or harder. In this mode, you rampage around the country destroying buildings and absorbing the G-Force that powers everything in this game. Every time you absorb some G-Force you grow bigger, so the overriding arc of this mode is to cause as much destruction as you can so you can grow as large as possible. As you destroy things, you build up fury which gives you a multiplier on your G-Force absorption. Also as you destroy cities you will face off against random other Kaiju from the history of the Godzilla movies. From Battra to Mothra, from Mecha-Godzilla to Space Godzilla if there was a Kaiju in the Godzilla movies it will show up in this game even up to the monsters that were in Final War.

In this mode, we also can invade Japan with the other Kaiju that you unlocked. You can also defend Japan as Godzilla. There is a mode where you can spend the evolution pieces you get from defeating the Kaiju to unlock more powerful powers for Godzilla. In this area, you can also unlock “figures” that you can use in the Diorama mode which lets you make your own little scene.

There is also an online multiplayer free for all mode that lets you battle others in a Kaiju vs Kaiju super battle. However, I say under NO circumstances should you play this unless you are an expert in the game. This game has NO type of difficulty system in the Queues. I tried it…once and that’s all it took to put me off of it. I joined the game as a newbie, 0 games under my belt for multiplayer and of course 0 loses. Both of my opponents however, had OVER 1,000 wins in the multiplayer arena. Needless to say, I died in about 2 seconds. A beginning against what could only be considered experts it was like putting a 3 year old into a chess game with MIT grads…just doesn’t work.

All in all, I quite enjoy this game. The graphics are amazing and the more I learn about what to do the better it becomes. The audio is great too the Godzilla roar is so wonderful to hear, especially when you’re the one that controls it. I would give just about every part of this game a good 8 or 9 out of 10 EXCEPT for the multiplayer which gets a 1 out of 10 for having lousy match making!

Have you given this game a go? If so what are your thoughts and how many wins have YOU ranked up in the multiplayer area? Let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Draxis Review: Godzilla on PS4

  1. It’s great to have real reviews rather than ones that are clearly from people who haven’t played the games. I’ve had a PS4 for a while and am always on the look out for great games. Great post, thanks!

  2. Wow! I’ve always wanted to play a game that truly simulates Godzilla’s destructive power. Sadly, the closest thing I ever ran across was the classic arcade game Rampage. I haven’t owned a gaming system since Xbox 360 and have been toying with getting one. I may just get a PS4 because of Godzilla.

    1. PS4 Godzilla is amazing…there was also one on the PS2 I think it was called War of the Monsters that was real good….it sill had godzilla and such but it wasn’t officially branded so they had to use other names but it was a fun monster vs monster brawl in destructible landscapes.

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