Draxis Game Reviews: Fornite First Thougts (Battle Royal)

Woohoo I’mmmmmm baaaaaaack! Sorry about things being so quiet with the Holidays. Its been so insane and I thought I was going to take time off of comics to do video games and then BAM! I get a couple small things done and the health stuff hits! Sometimes it sucks being disabled in all but on paper and this lately has been one of those ties. I mean you gotta take the bad with the good and such but when Chronic Illness creeps up on ya sometimes you just gotta lay down and take it like a man with man-flu! Just kidding guys, but there are times you just have to step back. Between all the holidays and then a half a month of Birthday Parties and then huge allergies and hives and chronic fatigue all acting up at once well let’s say not much has happened. However with having a new PS4 and having a bunch of Beta’s to play and new characters in Smite well I have some good reviews coming your way including some book reviews. So let’s just jump right in with some of the new Battle Royal action.

OK I admit it the Battle Royal action has caught my eye and what better way to jump into it right now than with Fortnite. Not only is this a shooter with you and 99 other people but it has the typical deadly storm forcing everyone towards one area. The big interesting in Fortnite though is the ability to build walls, floors, stairs and pyramids right off the bat if you chop something apart with your pickaxe. Everything seems to be destructible in this game from buildings to trees to rocks to just about everything and it all gives you the raw materials in wood, brick or metal you need to build things.

While it’s great tp have FPS experience with this game the fighting seems a lot different than any Halo or Destiny type of thing. I find it harder to kill in this than I do in Battlefront, Destiny or Halo. I have done a few kills but to be honest when it comes down to one vs one I tend to lose. BUT never fear the fighting seems to be a small amount of the game to tell the truth. A large amount of the game comes in the first few seconds. You have a 30ish second drop zone over an island, do you drop and scream down towards a landing zone? Do you use your glider and go further out? Do you mix it up and go medium? The thing is If you go further out in your drop you have to worry about the approaching storm but maybe not as much with people. The less people in your drop zone the better I’m finding. Finding a building to drop on is best as lots of times in buildings are chests or guns. If people drop around you it’s a mad scramble to find the first gun as pick vs pick sucks but gun vs pick is a win win for the gun.

With my own gameplay I’m finding that when I land alone I get into the top 20 and sometimes top 5 no problem as I play cautious and sneaky. However if I land with several others unless I can mouse it where they don’t see me then they tend to take me out before I can do much. I think luck and landing has a lot to do with this game for how well you ultimately place. I mean I have gone from 93rd place to top 10 always doing the same thing.

One thing I find I have to get used to is the building. I never did things like Minecraft or anything like that so I am not used to the idea of building things on the run. So far I have been stopping up entrances and stairways so while I plunder places its harder for people to sneak up on me. Even these though I have to stop and think about whereas I have seen some people (mainly those that have killed me) go and create fortresses in just seconds even as they exchange fire with people shooting at them and the storm closing in. With building they give you several various options like a wall, floor, stairs and pyramid. As you progress you can find traps and bushes and other things you can build as well.

Well I’m sure that as I get better at building I’ll get better with this game! A lot still is luck I think but skill is certainly part of it.

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3 thoughts on “Draxis Game Reviews: Fornite First Thougts (Battle Royal)

  1. Such an amazing game and I love the destructible part where everything can be destroyed. Another fun part is picking stuffs and guns and destroying buildings to uncover chests and weapons! Really nice.

  2. I always struggle with finding things that are hidden. I could do with a great mentor who can teach me how to find things easily! It’s great to have the opportunity to get extra combat items en route. I just wish I was better at finding them!

    1. that seems to be one of my downfalls too is I’ll land somewhere and not find a thing, or I’ll find a pistol and be going up against a shot gun or something.

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