Draxis Game Review: Gyrating Hamsters

So here I am, back with another game review brought to you by our sister site Cancel Cancer. We are teaming up on our work to bring you great reviews on cool games of all types and at the same time help bring awareness to a horrible disease that will touch just about everyone at some point in their life in some way. If you like what we’re doing and want to help us, then click on the banner above to go to our facebook group or the banner below to check out our website and shop. Every cent we make will help us on the path to Cancel Cancer! This week we have a fun little card game as our game review!

Every so often, my wife and I will look at things on Kickstarter and decide to back a little project on a book or game or something here and there. We had a good time on Kickstarter when I made my Zombie book and so we like to pay it forward. We also like to play board games but thanks to my health and the fact that most of our friends are over an hour away from us we don’t have much of a chance to do this so one night thinking we needed more games to play as a family that eventually my child can play with us I went scouring kickstarter to see of there was anything worthwhile. Eventually, I came across a cute looking game called Gyrating Hamsters.

Just the other night we played this game for the first time and it is a cute, fun, easy to learn game. Here is the basic run down: You have several kinds of cards – Clan Hamsters, Attack Hamsters, Gyrating Hamsters, and then some action cards. The big ones are the various Hamster cards as you want to create a Hamster Horde (so Collecting Hamsters) of either 9 Clan Hamsters or 16 Hamsters all together. So the Clan hamsters each come in different colors…matching colors mean same clan, you have 5 colors/clans available in the game. Attack Hamsters are grey bordered and don’t go to any clan, however these hamsters give you some way to attack your opponent and then just add to your overall horde incase you need the 16 count instead of the clan 9. Then we come to the Hamster the game is named after…the Gyrating Hamster. This little guy can be used as a wild card in one of your clans or an be discarded to steal a card from your opponents horde. Another thing that’s cool is that when you get doubles of certain clan hamsters they allow you to do things like draw an extra card or play an extra card on your turn or if you have a good combination do both or multiples of each!

This was a very fun game that was simple and yet needed a lot of strategy as there are also battles you can do between your horde and your opponents. You set a number of hamsters up to 4 against a number of theirs and roll the same amount of dice as you’re using hamsters. Then once dice are rolled the player with the highest amount on one die wins all of the cards used in the battle.

I would most definitely say this is a great family game. I highly Highly recommend it……but if you have young children be warned!  They do have a Rated R copy not for under 18. We got that pack too and opened it. Looking at that pack we saw things from Hitler Hamster to Hooker Hamster to Heroin Hamster. So needless to say, make sure you get the right version of the game if you have kids around!

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  1. Yeah. Such a fun game but requires a lot of strategy to play around it. The hamsters are kinda cute too and the I love the different ones presented at each point which made it really interesting and adventurous.

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