Draxis Game Review: Clash Royale

Today I am coming to you with a quick little review of a fun game called Clash Royale. You have most likely seen the ads for the game showing how if you play two certain cards it’s a such and such combo. So I come to you today to tell you a little bit about this addicting little game.

The game mechanics are quite simple. On each side of the board are 3 towers, 2 in the front known as Princess Towers and one in the back known as the King Tower. The objective of this simple/hard game is to play cards that summon different effects or monsters in such a way that they move across the playing field and destroy your enemies towers. Of course, your enemy is trying to do this to you at the same time in real time conflict. Cards will naturally go after the Princess Towers first but if you keep the cards going on the same side as a tower you destroyed already then they will go after the King Tower. Destroying a King Tower means the destruction of any leftover Princess Towers and winning of the game. For every tower you kill, you get one Crown, most crowns at the end of the game win, take out the King Tower first to automatically gain all crowns and win!

So in many ways this is a TCG game but digital as you are collecting cards that summon the monsters and such….kinda like a yu-gi-oh type of thing if you’ve ever watched that show. You will get a LOT of cards but they will limit you to 8 cards in your hand at once so the big part of strategy in this game is to find a good card combination that works for you. Will you try to get all low level mana monsters so you can swarm your opponent? Will you wear them down with spells and keep their people at bay with them as well? Want the heavy hitters roaming the field more than the swarms of lesser beings? Just a note- all monsters require Mana to summon from 1 point to 10 most likely (there are ten available mana slots but so far 7 is the highest I have collected for monsters). For every game second or something like that you will fill one mana  bar towards conjuring a monster or spell, so you have to work this into your strategy.

These are the things you will have to find out for yourself which works better for your own style of play. Good thing is they give you 3 decks you can make and play around with the cards in and switch off between games without losing much time. Once you have a good deck, they give you chests containing more cards, some are simple chests with a small amount of cards all of which are common and you get them every 3 hours or so and have a max at two available at a time…so sign on often to get the free chests. You can also win other chests from Silver to Gold to Magical and up during your games if you win. The cards in these chests will most likely be extra of what you have but that’s good as more cards allows you to upgrade the level of the cards you’re already using. Upgrading the cards levels up your character level too.

Winning matches gives you trophies which upgrade what arenas you fight in. Be careful though as losing a match will lose you trophies. As a special gameplay for days at a time they will let you play special 2 vs 2 games that see the same size board but with a double king tower in back, you can win chests in this but will not lose trophies or gain trophies. Also, for every tower you destroy, you will gain a crown, for every ten crowns you will gain a crown chest which is similar to a gold chest. There is also gold in the game which is used with the various cards to upgrade your cards (ie gain 20 gold and 2 skeleton cards to upgrade your level 1 skeleton to a level 2). There are also gems that you can buy which will basically allow you to open chests early (each chest has a timer from 3 hours on up) or allows you to buy other chests that are opened immediately.

The one negative I am finding in the game is a serious mismatch of cards once you get past about the 3rd arena. A lot of people in the fourth and fifth arenas have been stuck there for a while or have gone up to the sixth or more and then been bumped back down. This creates a serious problem with some people having a bunch of level 8 cards while the newcomer is stuck with level 4 and 5 at the tops or worse yet you get hit with level one and two cards that you can’t even access yet. So far the only thing I can say about this is to just persevere and eventually you will get high enough to move on and be sure to take advantage of the two vs two game and play with someone you know in a clan it truly makes it a lot easier to build your decks that way.

All around, I find this to be a very fun game with great graphics and to tell the truth I am a bit hooked on it. This is available on iOS and Android though I am not sure whether the player bases crossover or not. If you happen to check this game out, then I invite you to join the All Things Geek clan. Just look us up and join, we are very good at helping other people get the cards they request if we have any extras and we love playing 2 vs 2 with our clan mates! Hope to see you in game!

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