Draxis Game Review: Bacterial Takeover

Welcome back gamers! We have another game review blog to bring to you today. Lately, I have been getting into infection games, it started as games spreading the zombie plague and then it came to games that just spread a random plague of your own making. This game however, is supposed to be attacking planets with plagues. You cultivate, replicate, and then attack. The game is called Bacterial Takeover and it has found it’s way onto my free game list to review for the IOS.

Game: Bacterial Takeover

Publisher: Fufla SIA

Platform: IOS

Initial Rating: Kinda Cool

Ending Rating: Oh wait this game is still on?

OK this is a MINDLESS game to tell the truth. You are tasked with attacking planets- first Mars, then the Moon, and then Earth. Then you get to go and explore space and take over other planets. But you don’t really take over, you just devastate them with bacteriological weapons. The story for this is really where the game shines, and then after that it just dwindles the further and further you progress.

Stage one mars takes about 7 or 8 hours to complete. In the beginning, it’s cool as you get to click the screen and thus make bacteria. As you click and make bacteria, new selections are added where you get to add things like Petri Dishes and Dead Fish and things like that that will gain you even more bacteria per second and makes it where you no longer have to click. The problem here is each new thing to generate bacteria, along with its upgrades, costs you bacteria so you are literally taking a step backwards to take two steps forward. This is fine at first because you only need millions of bacteria for the first couple boards and that takes 7 to 8 hours to build up. Once you hit Earth, you need trillions of bacteria and then quadrillions of bacteria. Imagine if you had to keep clicking for that!

Thankfully, you can turn this game off and it still makes bacteria for you. Problem is, Earth took about 4 days to complete. Now I am out of the Solar System trying to destroy a new planet and the thing is you have to attack when 100% destruction is guaranteed otherwise you loose most of your upgrades except for special ones. So waiting to get the upgrades, having those set you back again then upgrading the upgrades setting you back further. Once you are out of the first few worlds it’s going to take a week or more just to destroy a world. The only way someone can keep this game on and running is if it is a 2 year old who likes to tap screens and make green things appear. Otherwise its one of those games you take ten minutes to get started and then log into every 5 to 6 hours for upgrades and then a week or two later you win one board and move onto the next.

This game has nothing to keep you hooked. Eventually, you end up doing what I am doing now and that’s leaving it off for days at a time and then signing back on and then you’ll look at t and go “wow I’ve been making bacteria this whole time….and I still don’t have enough to attack.” Then you’ll go and end up erasing it because you forget about it anyway and you need room for more music or pics or some other game that has caught your eye.

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So it is not the worst game out there but it is not all that good either, so here is my final rating:

Recommendation: Mindless and pretty much a space waster

Video- 3/10  very basic and monotonous

Audio- 3/10 nothing much at all to speak of

Playability- Ease 10/10 painfully easy with no good challenges

Playability- Replayability 0/10 none due to lack of engagement and idle time

Have you played this game or a similar one that sounded good and started off fun then turned into a total flop?  If so, tell us about it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Draxis Game Review: Bacterial Takeover

  1. Nice review about the game. But while reading it; I found there is a typo in it… which you can please find in the ending sections of the review. The sentence states: “then signing back on and then you’ll look at t and go“.
    You may please correct the mistake.

  2. Oh man…, 7-8 hours required to complete a single stage? I believe you are not joking! Coz I think 7 to 8 hours to complete just a single stage is very long. Well, nicely planted strategy to generate the more bacteria. Yeah, thank God no more and more clicks required to make billion or trillion bacteria…

  3. Honestly it seems this game had some real potential, but the design choices seem to have ruined it a little. When i first started reading the review and seeing the pictures, I was quite excited to try out a new game, as I too enjoy these sorts of games (when make correctly!). However, I think after finishing the review, I won’t even give it a try. It seems, like you mention, that there’s nothing exciting to bring you back, like no challenges, etc. In all honesty, the game just seems like a more complex version of cookie clicker or something!

    Thanks for saving me some time, I won’t try this one out!

  4. This seems to be a review for a veery old version of the game. It would be interesting to see an updated review, since there have been a lot of balance changes + visual improvements and new game mechanics.

    1. Well I posted this in September…I wrote it in like April of last year right after playing so this is only about a year old so unless this game has had an almost total overhaul I can’t see it being much better. However I will give it a new try see if it’s better and then make a new post since you say it has changed a lot.

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