Hey there everyone we’re bringing you these awesome Comic reviews for the week from the middle of a hurricane. Don’t worry though, we’re all safe and sound in a shelter, and I am typing this for you as we wait for Hurricane Irma to come through in a day or so! This week we have two comic reviews for you from the awesome people at Vibranium Comics. So as always, remember to check the upper banner for the facebook page and the lower banner for their website. Lets all hope and pray that our neighborhood comic shops get through this hurricane safe and sound just like we do for all of our families! Stay safe everyone, no matter where you are!

First off, we are going to do some catching up with the amazing Captain Phasma…you remember her right? So much talk about her came before Episode 7 of Star Wars hit the theaters and then she had maybe a whole 5 minutes of screen time, if that.  Anyway, we left Captain Phasma being thrown down a garbage chute by Han, Chewie, and Finn after they make her drop the shields on Starkiller Base. This is where we pick up with her in the first pages of her own comic.

So what do you do as a major player in the First Order if you have been forced to drops your super weapons shields and then get tossed in the garbage. Well, first you escape the garbage but then you of course erase all of the files that point to your involvement in what is sure to be catastrophic for the First Order. I mean these people aren’t very forgiving types, Kylo has a tendency to fly off the handle with his lightsaber at just the mention of certain things, so we don’t want to piss him off. So of course, Phasma deletes her own files and usage files but is that enough she asks herself? Even if the place is blown up or even if it isn’t, especially if it isn’t, they might still find out she was behind the shields dropping right?

So as a good loyal First Order trooper what should you do? Well, in this case blame it on someone else and then chase that person down to try and kill them so they can’t defend themselves if asked! That’s exactly what this entire comic is. Phasma hunting down a poor schmuck that she has decided would make a good scapegoat. The artwork for most of the comic is good, gets a little shaky looking when there are big explosions, but then again I would guess most things would look shaky when there’s a big explosion.

All things considered, I think it was a good comic, from the art to the motives and deceptions and such being made by Phasma to the hunt for the elusive “traitor” who lowered the shields. I just hope she gets her fair share of time in episode 8 as she seems like she could be a very cool character. What do you guys think about this comic or even Star Wars as a whole and how the new movies are going? Shout out to us in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts, feelings, and innermost deepest desires…I promise I won’t tell anyone!

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