Draxis Comic Review: Secret Empire Omega

Welcome back gang. Sorry to put two reviews so close together so late this week, but as you know things have been insane down here in Florida with Irma stirring up all sorts of problems. To tell the truth, we only got power on in our home on Sunday so we only just got back into town really since we were staying with my parents while things got sorted out. Anyway, big thanks to Vibranium for letting us know about the late shipments and then still doing the blogs with us so close to this next week’s shipments. We love working with you guys and are so glad that the storm didn’t drown your shop. So as always folks, Facebook is linked to the banner above and their website to the banner below, so click em and check out Vibranium Comics and Games!

So, we’ll just jump feet first into this one. HAIL HYDRA ::cough cough:: I mean, ummm what we have here is Secret Empire Omega #1. This seems to be dealing with all of the fallout from Secret Empire which I did NOT read. What I do know of Secret Empire is there was another Captain America created by Kubik and this one was all “Hail Hydra!” and took over the government and all sorts of messed up happened such as him being able to lift Thor’s hammer and shit (sorry for the cussing but in this case I think it’s called for).

Anyway, if you’re anything like me and didn’t read all what seemed like 800 issues of Secret Empire then you’ll be kinda lost on this one. This is no way at all a first step into the series as one might assume from it being a number one issue. No indeed in this issue you find out that Black Widow s dead….but maybe not….but everyone thinks she is. That Nick Fury seems to have something ready for the Punisher and that he thinks Punisher is ready (maybe the War Machine armor I keep hearing rumors that Frank will get that).  We also hear of a few more deaths such as Rick Jones (Shocking but honestly no real loss there IMHO) and Jack Flag (once again no real loss). The rest of the Comic is taken up by the two Captain Americas facing off with the real Steve telling the other Steve why he supposedly lost and the other Steve saying that he had it right in so many ways and will ultimately win. Considering Hydra Cap is in jail, it seems unlikely but then again a whispered Hail Hydra into his ear may show he has more friends than he thought in this jail.

All in all, the comic was interesting but unless you read Secret Empire you will most likely be confused as to what all has happened in the Marvel Universe. If you have been keeping up with the story line, what are your thoughts on this new addition?

2 thoughts on “Draxis Comic Review: Secret Empire Omega

    1. that all depends on whether you read the rest of the Secret Empire stuff….if you did then it makes a lot of sense and is good….I didn’t however so for me it didn’t make sense I was lost for most of it.

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