Draxis Comic Review: Rugrats #1

So here we are at Necronomicon in Tampa Florida! Draxisweb and All Things Geek is having a heck of a time here with lots of fun and seeing all our friends! Necro is a fun little fan con that focuses mostly on authors of any genre but we have vendors of all sorts here as well as gaming, art, and anime. We even have a showing of Bubba the Redneck Werewolf! Even though we are busy with this, we haven’t forgotten you guys! This week we have two comic reviews brought to you by Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida! Keep up to date with them on facebook by clicking the banner above to find out details about their Halloween Comicfest, halloween costume contest and sales! Click the banner below for their website!

Our first comic this week is a blast from my past. When I was in middle school, I will admit I watched some cartoons that were probably too young for me, but if they were good I didn’t care. One of the cartoons that fell into this category was called Rugrats. The awesome little babies have always enjoyed a level of fame through the years, even after their show disappeared from the airwaves- but now they are getting a renewal in the form of comic books!

With this new iteration of Rugrats, we see the parents of the babies catching up with the technology of today that we didn’t have back then. One of the big things they are focusing on is tech and bringing this comic into the present time. For instance, Tommy is shocked when his dad knows that he is wrestling with Mr Penguin instead of going to sleep, but then he notices a new little bear in his room with a camera lens in it’s stomach. Chucky is in the same boat, but at his house there is a strange “bird” that keeps following him, in this case it’s a drone. Phil and Lil are even being watched though they don’t reveal how for them yet.

In my mind, it’s very funny seeing the parents getting so into the tech of today. From tapping on tablets to sending texts and recipes on phones; they even send each other texts when they are face to face talking. Since I know the tech from back then, I can look at the references to tech nowadays and find the hidden humor in things that kids nowadays would just look at in this comic and take for granted. All in all, I quite enjoyed this comic and would highly recommend it to any fans of the cartoon. My only complaint is how Tommy looks…for some reason I think he looks a bit off compared to the other babies, but I have no clue off hand what is so odd about him because he basically looks the same as I remember. I’m sure it’s just some small detail but until I figure it out it’ll most likely bother me more than it should. LOL

Have you picked up this comic? If so what did you think of it? And to any fellow Rugrats fans out there, who is your favorite baby of them all?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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