Draxis Comic Review: Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Hey everyone! I hope our reviews have been helping you find some new comics to love. This week we are coming back to the big time scene with a layover in Marvel’s territory. Thats right just out in time for the new Spider-Man movie there is a new Spider-Man comic to go with it! This comic is called Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man. This has been brought to us by our friends at Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games. This is a great and friendly place in Ocala Florida to get all of your comic and game needs! Especially if it’s for Dice Masters! If you need a pack for the game this is certainly a place you can find them all! From Marvel to DC to Yu-Gi-Oh, you name it, if DiceMasters made it, then it’s most likely here! As usual, you can find their facebook linked to the banner above and their website linked to the banner below.

So this new comic is the #1 issue of the new Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man and is supposed to be an easy point for newcomers to join the Spiderman Universe. For the most part this is true…if you know nothing about Spider-Man then this is the perfect place to go to see how he is now and to start off on some new adventures with him. For those of you who used to follow Spidey but have lost track of him over the years like I did, well let’s just say this comic will be a little confusing so let me piece together a bit of backstory for you.


  1. Unlike in the movies, Peter is no longer in Highschool or College.
  2. Peter is no longer a struggling photographer at the Daily Bugle, but now owns his own tech company and is a billionaire like Stark, just not nearly as stuck up.
  3. Peter and MJ are no longer together…no marriage no dating no nothing! MJ is still around as she has worked for Stark and has been seen trying to start nightclubs and such, but she seems to be trying to stay away from the whole superhero thing for the most part.
  4. Aunt May is still alive and kickin it, even though she has lost yet another husband…poor girl just can’t keep anyone alive it seems.

OK so this story is a lot like most Spidey things…it has a good deal of action, it has a good deal of comedy and it has your “OMG What?!?!?!” moments all tucked nicely into one comic. Oh yeah and it has the origin story complete with the “With Great Power…” line that everyone knows. I guess they kept the two second abbreviated version in there for any newcomers to Spidey just hopping on, but honestly between I don’t know how many Cartoon Iterations we have of Spidey and now 3 Spidey Franchise movies being out, I doubt there is anyone anywhere that doesn’t know the Spidey back story. To me, this felt unneeded just like the next little entry with Johnny Storm and them making a date for the movies. I know I know, it led up to something happening later but the whole feel of this scene was a bit staged to me.. I mean why is Spidey telling Johnny his very best friend in the world now how he got his powers for maybe the millionth time. No I think that could have all been better just as reminiscing as he’s web swinging. Instead, they have a whole conversation while eating on the side of a building about how Spidey needs to feel like a normal person at times and Johnny helps with that. We have now wasted the first few pages for some good jokes with everything else being somewhat meaningless.

Spidey then swings off to talk to Aunt May on the phone and you learn that he loves Aunt May’s Meat Cakes (like Meatloaf but in cake shape) and he sees a normal robbery. Spidey takes down the thugs with his usual quips an assist from Antman who is stuck in a body too short for what he is supposed to be. This also leads to a pretty woman that he rescued giving him her card and asking him out.

OK, I try to not give spoilers or give too much away when I am doing these reviews but I have to here. After 8 hours Spidey calls her and makes a date. How the hell is this going to work? He doesn’t know her so he can’t just show up as Peter. Does he come as Spidey and just sit in the cafe or wherever in full spidey garb just lifting the mask enough to eat and drink? If he did this wouldn’t that alert the criminals that ‘Hey this might be someone Spidey cares about’ so they can kidnap her which is why he keeps the mask and had spells cast once to undo the time when he demasked for Civil War back in the day. I mean honestly, how is this going to work out? I’m not sure the writers were thinking clearly here or maybe they were and have a plan I just don’t know but I can’t see this date ending well at all.

Anyway, back to Antman. Antman here is a tool, literally. He was used to introduce Spiderman to a new good guy inventor who has been helping all the good guys in the world with their tech it seems except for Spidey. Who is this Tech Genius? None other than the Tinkerers Brother! OK Antman your usefulness is done get out. Well Tink’s brother seems to be another tool here to reintroduce another tech wiz  who has been helping him and that Spidey knows. Oh and he fixed Spidey’s web shooters so no more jokes can be used for them in this comic.

Well this new Brainiac is just a tool too as all he does is hack an unhackable Starkphone that was already apparently hacked to find a location of someone who may be associated with prior bank robbers who had possession of the phone. Yeah it’s kinda odd. Anyway, Spidey then goes to track down that one location where…..yeah I’m not going to give it away.

At the same time as the unknowable thing is happening we get the OMG WHAT thing happening back at his place as Johnny comes a calling for their….date? Anyway that’s where Johnny meets Peters….. Yeah not giving that away either you need to get the book.

So basically the whole book was a whole lot of empty plot devices made just to push to two specific surprise OMG endings. Usually, I would hate this type of fluff piece but there was so much good comedy in there, that I ended up reading most of this to my wife as she drove us home from the comic shop- yes I didn’t even wait to get home to start reading this to prepare for this blog!


They gave us a bonus mini comic in the back that saw Black Widow attacking Spidey out of nowhere for no reason. She then dropped a bunch of information that she got from the encounter and even a possible blood sample of Peter’s off with a SHIELD agent. Who was the guy? What does he want? From what he said to her in the comic, it seems he may be wanting a new breed of spider super soldier and as the comic asks, how does this affect every superhero in the marvel universe.

So there you go folks, a brief review of the New Spidey comic. If I could, I would probably go and follow this one myself but I have to limit myself and thus mainly stick to  X-Men in my grab shelf. But for any Spidey fans out there I would recommend this kick off to the new series!

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  1. The comic is reslly a good read. The book banks on the rock-solid relationships between Peter Parker and his supporting cast, throwing in a few new faces for good measure. And it looks great, to boot, thanks both to Adam Kubert’s wide-open art and Jordie Bellaire’s striking colors

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