Draxis Comic Review: Nightwing The New Order

Hey Hey everyone, we’re back with our weekly Draxisweb Comic Review! This week we have two awesome comics that we are reviewing brought to you by Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Vibranium just keeps growing day by day and has an awesome staff always willing to help you find what you want. So check them out and come by to check out the new comics or play some games! As always, click the banner above for their facebook page and the banner below for their website.

This weeks comic for Review is Nightwing the New Order. So I have to preface this with I don’t usually like Batman and  the Bat Family things. However, I have always been a fan of Nightwing ever since he lead the Teen Titans (one of my fave super hero groups in DC) as Robin. So, when this was offered as a good review book I was a bit skeptical at first, but then remembered we were talking Nightwing here so it may not be that bad. I have to say I am glad we picked this one up for review as it asks a LOT of deep questions.

Most of this comic takes place in the year 2040 with a lot of the speech bubbles talking about a time approx 12 years earlier. In this time you see that there are no Super Powers. They are being suppressed by some sort of chemical (similar in story to the movie Equilibrium). We witness an organization called the Crusaders chasing down Doctor Light who has gone off of his meds and thus can access some of his powers. We also find out that a lot of the thought bubbles seem to be coming from Nightwings Son which is made very clear at the end of the book. Yup good ole Nightwing has a son and it seems it was with a fellow superhero who ended up leaving him. Its hinted at that it was due to Nightwing’s own decision that his wife left him with their child when 12 years earlier Nightwing made the decision on his own to detonate a bomb or something that flooded the world with the same serum people now take to suppress the powers.

In a flashback, a very beat up Superman asked Dick why he did it and the answer was to save the world. You also find out that Batman seems to be dead and Alfred is in charge of the Wayne trust while Dick is living in the mansion. Alfred and Dick don’t seem to see eye to eye with the choice Dick had made. A lot of this information is gathered second hand from Dicks son asking about why his father made the choice and if that was why Mom left and if that was why Mom left then why did Dad hurt people even the ones he loved.

This all culminates with Dick being called to the school where you think someone has killed his son with the way things are being treated only to have the open the door to a lock room where his son sits with eyes glowing red and sobbing to his father that he was sorry. So it seems the kiddo took after mom and the red eyes make me think the mom may have been possibly supergirl.

So this gives you a lot to think about. If you thought it could save the world would you take away the powers of both hero and villain? Would you do this even if it hurt the one you loved? Would you do this to your child if they exhibited powers? Is this your right or would you fight it as some are bound to do? Where do you finally draw the line as to what you take away and how you take it away to supposedly save everyone? In this comic it was Super Powers, in Equilibrium it was Emotions, in Fahrenheit 451 it was books.

What do you think you would do? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Nightwing #1 is a comic book that will no doubt grab readers’ attention and hold it, a flawless introduction to the new series. Whether you enjoyed Grayson or not, are new to the character or a longtime fan, this book is an exciting read. Tim Seeley was clearly the right choice, his voice for Nightwing is absolutely perfect

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