Draxis Comic Review: Mace Windu #1

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! Hope everyone is having a great 3 day weekend and having a great time with barbeques and swimming and such. This weekend has been nice and busy between friends from the north coming to visit and just a bunch of other things keeping me busy. So this weekend we have 3 new reviews from Vibranium Comics and Games. Vibranium is a great place to go to play games, buy comics and even watch movies on movie night!

So, I may have missed Force Friday for this one but better late than never. This week we are going to have the first review for the comic Mace Windu #1. I am a huge fan of all things Star Wars, but I have to admit I am under read in the Prequel books and comics so this was a nice change of pace.

This comic sees mace Windu being sent into combat as a General just like a lot of the other Knights and Masters have already been. Windu is being sent to an outlying world to check on reports of separatist troop movements. He takes with him Master Kit Fisto and two Jedi Knights that I had not known of till this comic. They have some interesting conversations on the way to the planet in question about the Jedi and where their place is in the scheme of the war. Should Jedi be fighting or should they be peaceful as their tenants say? Does the fact that they call themselves knights imply that fighting is and always has been implicit in their ideology. Once they get to the planet there’s a lot of good action involving Jedi on Droid abuse.

All in all, I really enjoyed this comic. I mean honestly as the Batman fans would say about their hero I would say about this comic…it’s great because Mace Windu- what else do you need to know? Also there is great interplay written between the various Jedi, the dialogue for them was very good, and had me laughing a few times. My only true gripe about this comic is the droids. A ton of people said the droids had too much personality in episode 3…those people would not have a single complaint in this world about that though if they read this book. These droids are talking about being lonely and being bored and things like that. They did not act at all the way droids should and it totally threw me out of the story…at least until a lightsaber chopped them into little pieces.

As a whole I would say this was a 4 out of 5…it could have been a perfect 5 out of 5 if it wasn’t for those damned droids!  So if you read this comic, let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!



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