Draxis Comic Review- Jean Grey #1

Welcome back Draxisweb family, friends and fans! I am sorry I was gone for so long, but sometimes health takes precedence over everything else. Fret not though, gentle readers, for I am back to stay and with hopefully many a tantalizing tidbit to keep your geeky minds churning and returning for more. So stay glued tight to the site my friends for if you like this article many more will be winging your way to help you stay up to date with several different comics, especially new ones and ones that are in the big series coming up. Before we start this off, I want to send a shoutout and thank you to Bearded Browncoats Comic and Games in Ocala for providing us the materials for the first two of our new line of Comic Reviews! Just click on the banner above for their facebook page and the banner below for their website!

So here we go with our first ever Comic Review, which is for the first issue of Jean Grey. Now, for those of you that have kept track of the Marvel comics since the 70’s and 80’s you will know Jean Grey as the marvel character that has died, been reborn and has been cloned more than any other character in comic book history most likely. She has also been prey to the whims of the Phoenix Force that has taken her over several times. This book is not about that Jean Grey

I believe it was a few years ago now that the current Beast brought forward the X-Men from the past. Now so far, I haven’t paid much attention to that series but some of the details of the story I do know. These are the original X-Men class but they can’t seem to get back to the past, young Bobby Drake is gay which prompted current Bobby to admit such as well, young Angel has flaming wings for some reason, and Jean Grey is pre-phoenix Jean Grey. This seems to be a big part of this first issue as time displaced Jean thinks about all of the things her other dead older self had to go through and is trying to shake the burden of that off of her shoulders. After all, she is not that Jean…not yet, and can’t be unless they get back to their right times right? During her deep thoughts and a quick bit of noodles with the teams bamf named Pickles, she will meet up with the Wrecking Crew and find out that perhaps the Phoenix Force isn’t as done with her as she wishes it would be!

While not a huge fan of the New X-men line of books, I have to admit that this one kept my attention, then again Jean Grey has always been one of my favorite characters ever since I was a kid- almost 30 years ago. Something about this new Jean was able to grab my attention where the rest of the team just makes me go “meh”. I think this issue had a good mixture of internal debate, which made a lot of sense due to what this character is going through, as well as some great action with her one on three handicap match against the Wrecking Crew. So far I will recommend this series if it continues along this line of writing style and storytelling method.

Stay tuned for our review of Black Bolt #1 as well as some of the comics we picked up during Free Comic Book Day! Also, be sure to drop by Serenity Comic and Games and say hi to everyone there, these guys are great to work with and are always aiming to please the customer! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments below as we here at Draxisweb love hearing from our geek family and our fans!

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