Draxis Comic Review: Infinity Countdown #1

So here we are again with another comic review. We got a few comics from our good friends at Vibranium this week as they continue to sponsor the content of this part of our website. We are very grateful for their continued support and friendship. On Wednesday of this week, there is a Force of Will Rainbow Draft at 3pm at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala so be sure to show up if you are into Force of Will. Vibranium is always hosting some awesome little get togethers and tournaments so be sure to check out their facebook by clicking the above linked banner and if you want to check out their online store you can visit it by clicking the linked banner below.

Warning this review has a few Spoilers!

So now lets just jump right into our next Comic Review! With the Infinity Wars looming close on the big screen, Marvel has decided to bring the Infinity Gems back into prominence in the Comics as well. This book is the start of someone trying to get those gems back together, for what purpose, I don’t know. I’m not sure if it was touched upon in Infinity Prime as I missed that one but this one opens with Drax sitting on the Power gem that seems more like a power mountain. He is trying to meditate when the Novas helping him guard the gem are attacked. These attackers want the Gem and will stop at nothing to get it. Help is called for from the Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Guardians of course are a bit busy at the moment with problems of their own. The Gardner who is a cosmic being like the Collector and the Grandmaster has gone nuts due to some sort of spell from Loki and has created a Groot army to cleanse a world of anyone on it and the Guardians are trying to save the people before they get killed. Groot himself attacks the Gardner and finds himself healed and brought back to adult form but with this came another change….as in a voice that said something more than “I am Groot.”

At the end, we find an alive Black Widow in Madripoor the haunting grounds of one Patch alter ego of Wolverine. Widow was supposedly killed during the whole Secret Empire thing but I missed seeing that too. Widow sees a sign that says she is supposed to check a dead drop she has in town and when she goes to it she finds a note from Logan as well as the Infinity Stone we saw him with in an earlier comic when he was suddenly found to be alive. The note was simple and straightforward asking Widow to simply watch the stone.

I think this is a needed comic for those following the Infinity Stones whenever they pop up. Hell it’s just needed for if you ever wanted to see Groot talk! If you grab this comic, let us know what you think of it!


2 thoughts on “Draxis Comic Review: Infinity Countdown #1

  1. Marvel sure outdid himself in this one. I enjoyed every bit of the widow’s personality and her part was really good. I’ve read the book twice now and it still feels new over again.

  2. I liked this one but at the same time, I felt like it was a bit sporadic. I am not sure if that is the word I want to use here, but I think it is. I really do enjoy most of the Infinity comics and even when I am on the fence with one, I can still find it rather enjoyable. I think that is where I am here with this one. I liked it a lot but some parts were just okay.

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