Draxis Comic Review: Halo Rise of Atriox #1

HALO HALO HALO HALO HALO HA<Backstab>loooooooooo

Yup I’m a HUGE Halo fan and that’s the subject of our next Comic Review. WOOHOO HALO! This comic review is brought to you by Vibranium Comics and Games. Seeing as how there is a huge hurricane possibly heading our way in Ocala, I suggest everyone run down to Vibranium and stock up on reading material incase you can’t go out….who cares about water and canned goods- those are already sold out in the stores so let’s empty the comic shops shelves too!!! Remember to click the top banner for the Facebook page for Vibranium and the bottom banner for their web page.

This is going to be a short and sweet little review that’s right to the point. There really isn’t much to say about this comic which kinda disappoints me. Most of the comic revolves around a character who was just put in charge due to the loss of most of the bases personnel. Even the base AI is on the verge of dying as she annoyingly counts down how many people are left alive in the base throughout the comic.

This main character is wondering why the Covenant forces keep coming down and wasting their own forces to finish the job of wasting the human forces instead of just glassing them from space. The rest of the comic is just glorified violence as the Covenant forces rip through the humans and the humans fight back while that damned AI keeps counting down the number of survivors.

All in all, I was hoping for a great intro for a cool Covenant General type, but we got a comic with no real substance. It was hack and slash for the sake of hack and slash and you never even know who the Atriox guy is except for guessing which means if you have never read any of the books or the comics or played the games then the name will mean nothing to you and this comic is no more than fluff.

I enjoyed the art in the comic, but otherwise it truly didn’t impress me all that much. I do hope that if they continue this comic it gets an actual story to it instead of just random killing. Have you read the comic? What are your thoughts? Are you a Halo geek like me too?

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