Draxis Comic Review: Gotham City Garage #1

Welcome back to the Draxisweb Comic Review. This might be our last review for about a week or so as we are getting ready to go to Necronomicon next weekend, so I’m not sure whether or not I’ll have time to review one next week. I hope to, but it will depend on how quick we can get our con stuff ready. This week we have a comic brought to you from Vibranium Comics and Games…remember that soon they will have their Halloween ComicFest, which is basically the October version of Free Comicbook Day. Vibranium will be having a costume contest that night- to learn more about that, just follow the link embedded in the banner above. Also, be sure to check out their website by clicking the banner at the end of this blog.

This weeks comic is a cool little ‘what if’ from the DC comics called “Gotham City Garage”. I hate to say it, but when I read DC comics, I tend to like the small mini-series ‘what ifs’ instead of the main line continuity. The same is going for this comic series so far. We come across a dystopian near future in this comic which sees a single domed city as the last city left on Earth. We find out that the entire populace is remotely made happy through some sort of mental implants. It also seems that Lex Luthor is in charge of this place.


We start following a Kara Gordon…a cute blond thats reminds me in the beginning of Super Girl, though she is having dreams of a Wonder Woman, which then made me think maybe she was Wonder Girl from teen titans. She seems to work closely with the Luthor government as a programmer of some sort as at one point you see her fixing someone’s chip to brainwash them back into happiness. It seems that if someone’s chip doesn’t work they get executed. The problem is, this brought her to people’s attention. She got home to be told by her dad, Commissioner Gordon, that The Bat was after her and to get to the sun. She ran and got some senties to destroy a portion of the dome for her so she could escape. The dome made the sun inside the dome Red…so once Kara got out into the Yellow sun she found she could suddenly fly…and be fine after being shot in the face with a missile, which was a good thing since that’s what happened.


Once outside, she meets a biker gang with Silver Banshee, Harley Quinn, Big Barda, and Catwoman. The girls save her and take her off to a garage that looks a lot like the hall of justice. There they are met by Steel, as in the neice of John Henry Irons. She gives a grand speech about all that was lost. Kara stays the night there and spraypaints a very lovely S shield onto the back of her jacket showing she really was Super Girl but for some reason didn’t know it.


I quite enjoyed this comic, and am looking forward to finding out why a type of Batman seems to be working for Luthor and what happened to the world, much less the other heroes. I am greatly looking forward to more issues of this so I can find out the answers to my questions and see where they are going with the story line.


If you check out this comic, make sure you let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And as always, thanks for being a fan and for reading our blog!

3 thoughts on “Draxis Comic Review: Gotham City Garage #1

  1. Man it’s really good to know about that you will be getting ready to go to Necronomicon. But still I will be waiting for your next upcoming review. I love the way you review the things. Yeah, I will be following the link which you have embedded in the banner.

  2. I agree with you that I tend to like out of continuity stories better. I think the main reason is the writers have less limits on the stories they can tell. The dystopian future premise has been around for some time (I remember a vintage Justice Society story from the 40’s that had a dystopian future) and like any story, it’s a matter of how you tell it. This one has some promise and now that I’m reading more digital books, I may check it out.

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