Draxis Comic Review: Go Go Power Rangers #1

As a geek who grew up in the 90’s, there is nothing I love better than to hear the opening music for the show Power Rangers. It brings back fond memories of rushing home after my weekend job to check my tape of saturday morning cartoons and Power Rangers. It always made my day seeing what new beast the teens had to beat, and it always made me laugh at how badly Rita Repulsa could lose. Now keep in mind when I was growing up in the 80’s my favorite cartoon was Voltron and what was this but a Live Action version of that? Well today, we have a treat for all geeks like me who grew up with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and it’s called (sing it with me) Go Go Power Rangers! Yes, I sing the title when I say it. This weeks comic is brought to us by Vibranium Comics! The members of Vibranium have been good to the DWP in the past by donating to our first Relay for Life. Due to some hardships, they have moved their location but not their great customer service. Vibranium Comics is a great place to go for some new comics or to play games like X-Wing and Dice Masters. Coming in the end of August is a back to school sale which we will touch upon more the closer it comes. As always, with one of these review blogs the top banner will link to the Vibranium Comic facebook and the bottom banner will link to their website.


So onto the comic! Go Go Power Rangers starts out real nice I think because it shows the group in their zords at the end of their first battle with Goldar who, thankfully, is in his armored blue monkey form from the old TV show and not the crappy molten gold form from the movie. So we see these kids as already becoming super heroes. Its nice to have completely skipped over the whole backstory of how they got together because if there’s one thing I can’t stand in comics and movies is every time there is a reboot you get the same old origin story replayed again and again. Another refreshing thing is the first half of the book concentrates on introducing you to the teens themselves, you get to see their likes and dislikes and favorite quotes as though it was a yearbook entry. You also start to get a hint of who these kids are as people, why Trini has troubles fitting in at times, why Jason is so into the martial arts, and who Kimberly is dating. Thats one thing I miss in many of the Power Ranger series is seeing things from the non-super side of things. Sure they all give glimpses into personal lives and such, but they are so few and far between that it was nice seeing about half the comic dedicated to it. It was kinda cool to see that a few of them had to figure how to get past parent set curfews after the first big monster attack.

Don’t worry though, this comic had plenty of good action and it was something else that the TV show had left out. In the original MMPR as seen in the video above there are two astronauts in the first show Day of the Dumpster who release Rita and her henchmen from the trashcan like cell. In the TV show you never hear or see anything about the Spacemen again. Did they get back to the Earth? Were they Captured? Are they just running around the moon in fear forgetting where they parked? Well in this comic they were captured by Rita and the Power Rangers try to rescue them. So, due to this, you get plenty of Ranger vs Putty action and get to see Rita take action too.

I have to say for Story Line, I LOVED this comic and highly recommend it. For graphics, I can’t say anything bad about it either as you can easily tell all the main players and who they are if you have ever seen the old show. One thing did take me by surprise though….back in the day I thought Rita had a pretty face when she wasn’t scowling, I just thought she had terrible sense of dress! I mean robes that made her look overweight and Madonna Blond Ambition tour like Boob Cones. In this comic, she still has the boob cones and weird head piece that makes her hair look like horns; however, they have slimmed down the robes making them hug her curves and kept her face nice and pretty. You could almost find Rita anything other than Repulsive like her last name implies- if you just got rid of those stupid boob cones!

Back to reality though, I highly recommend this comic for any Power Ranger fans out there, especially if you loved the original group. Let me know what you guys think of the comic in the comments below, does it live up to the MMPR hype, or should it Go Go Away as fast as it can?

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