Draxis Comic Review: Generations Wolverine

Hey Ho Hey Ho boys and girls, has it been a fun week indeed. First of all, I want to give a shout out to my father who over the course of this week ended up in the hospital and is just coming home today with a brand spanking new pacemaker….Dad, get better soon, see you this weekend and remember…. just because mom can rock the pacemaker with style doesn’t mean you should try it too! Anyway, we went from a big week of reviews last week seeing 3 new comics to this week only having one to bring you, but that’s ok because it’ll give me more time to work on some videogame reviews that I have been promising all of you! So, let’s just get right down to this so that we can start brainstorming other ideas together, what do you say?

This week’s Comic Review is another in the line of the new Generations Titles but this time it is Wolverine at the focus. This comic has been supplied by our good friends down at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Vibranium is part of the Marion County X-Wing Miniatures gaming group so if you want to learn the game or come play with some other people from Marion County, this is the place to do such! Yes there are tournaments too! As always click the top banner to go to their facebook page and the bottom banner to see their website!

So here we go diving into Generations Wolverine and like my previous Generations comic I reviewed, this one starts out with unexplained time travel. Laura has come to the past where Wolverine is fighting to save his adopted daughter Akio from the Hand who has kidnapped her from Mariko. We start out seeing Wolverine actually getting his ass handed to him by the Hand simply because of how many undead ninjas there are. When all seems lost however, Wolverine comes to Wolverines defense….in other words Laura shows up. What follows is a great action scene where even old Wolverine is impressed. They then go to hunt down the kiddo.

An interesting moment occurs where the Hand says to them “hey we weren’t expecting you so heres a car it’ll take you where she is so go get her” basically because they were tired of all their losses. So they get on this plane that’s taking off in an excellent grabbing the wheel as it goes up scene where Laura gets in a jab about Wolverines weight (she has some good one liners) and then they find more Hand in the plane. After a “I thought they pulled out” discussion laura realizes again that this is time travel and says “Oh yeah Ninja’s don’t have Cell Phones” to which she gets an odd look and a huh? From Wolverine…this just goes to show how far in the past this story takes place.

After getting the kid from a baddy that I’ll let you discover on your own laura gives a bit of advice to Wolverine about being there for the kid instead of disappearing. He basically has her figured out from her scent and her skills and claws and he asks if she wants to stay for a bit but she says she can’t and hugs him fading out with an “I miss you dad.”

I found this comic to be very touching with the interplay of the two Wolverines. He basically knows who she is due to his senses and so reacts to her like a dad protecting a daughter even though she didn’t tell him till the final second. During the whole time you can tell how much she misses him, even if all she does is crack some jokes about him, there’s still the undertone of missing who became a father figure to her. Then the ending with the hug and the miss you dad and then him saying he can’t wait to meet her in the future…it was almost positively heart wrenching and I loved every second of it! I highly recommend this comic, especially if you are a wolverine fan like I am!

Let me know what you thought about this comic…or let me know if there is anything you would like to see me review below in the comments! We love to hear from you!

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