Draxis Comic Review: Flash #39 (Issue 700)

Welcome back everyone, welcome back. We have a bunch of great Comic Reviews for you here this week at Draxisweb. As we get back into the swing of things we’re just jumping in head first and it seems that this is an awesome week to do such in! From an emotional Superman to the start of an Avengers comic that ends with you going WHaaaaaaaaa to what we have in our hands right now with Flash #39 which is the 700th ever Issue of the Flash! I want to thank Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala for setting us up with this one. So, just an FYI tonight on the 29th of January, Vibranium has a Trivia night starting at 6pm and then on Wednesday the 31st they are having a sale of 50% off back issues and 25% off Wall Issues! So check out these cool events and keep an eye open for new events by clicking on the banner above to go to their facebook page or the banner below to hit their website!

So honestly, to me having been a fan of the older Flash Comics starring a red haired Wally West, this one was a bit confusing for me. As far as I knew, Iris West knew about Barry Allen yet it seems like this entire comic is him trying to tell her the truth about himself and the fact that he is the Flash. During this whole time, different things keep happening and while the cover gives away who the big bad guy is in this you can’t help but wonder if someone else like maybe Savitar is behind things. In fact, for a bit you see the Wally West that is based off the TV version along with another female Speedster I didn’t recognize watching for another baddie to go to jail. Everything kinda freezes more and Multiplex attacks but with the speed force. This all culminates with Grodd attacking and saying he needs the speedforce and his life depends upon it! Huh why? Could you imagine the huge gorilla with Telepathy AND the Speed Force?!?

While this was kinda confusing to me since I haven’t read Flash since the 90’s I wouldn’t mind checking out the next issue to see what happens with Grodd. What about all of you? Would this be something to get you reading Flash again if you had been gone for a bit like I have been? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Wow. Grodd is back? This actually sounds like something I can lay my hands on and enjoy. I love the flash series and this looks like it would be a good one. Gosh maybe I could just wait for it to go far before getting it.

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