Draxis Comic Review: Demons of the Mist

Hello again everyone thanks for checking back in with us. This week we have a busy week of reviews between comics and games, so keep checking back often for new blogs just about every day. Our first comic review this week comes to us from Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Bearded Browncoat has a ton of Pops, Video Games, and Board Games that you can buy along with the usual comics as well as some nice vintage action figures. So, if you’re into gaming this is the place to look for some of the more classic video games and interesting board games. As always, the banner above is a link to their facebook page!

This week from Bearded, we have a comic from some local writers and artists it seems called Demons of the Mist. In fact this comic is 3 mini comics so we’ll be splitting this review into three parts. Starting off for this review, there is the interesting fact that as I look up the cover for this comic, it looks like it was actually printed 23 years ago in 1994. So we may not be the first ever reviewer but lets just go right into this anyway (though now I wonder if the artists and such are actually local if this is that old). Anyway, let’s dive right in and if you think it sounds interesting then Bearded has several copies for ya.

The first part of the comic takes place in the far flung future date of 2526 in a place by the name of Hotcrow, which I am assuming, is in the US as long as the maps are still the same. In this area of the comic and the world, it seems that there is some reason to kill lot of people. Is it overpopulation? Who knows they don’t really tell you. I think they need to do a full comic with this storyline and flesh it out more to explain several things. For instance, this area has a kill squad that gets sent out and told to kill everyone on the street in a certain area within a certain time period and of course the general populace doesn’t know when or where they will head each time they are sent out. There also seem to be several kill squads as they are competing for the kills. The other thing they have here is a mandatory suicide that computers pick. Until this issue, which is #, it seems that no one of the upper echelon has ever been picked to commit suicide…..until now. So we have to wait till the next segment, which I guess came out 20 some years ago to find out what happens next in this section!

The second section of the comic seems to be a standalone and was actually my favorite part of the comic. I don’t want to give anything away since it has a really good twist at the end in my opinion so let’s just keep it at this. Lovely girl on side of the road broken down, stranger picks her up and takes her to granny’s house. Two huge surprises follow during this really quick section of the comic. The results of one of these twists brings up a very important  philosophical question that I’ll ask in the All Things Geek facebook forum!

In section three, we find a confusing little story about a guy being driven crazy by a box. After he gets rid of said box he then kills himself. A homeless man finds said box and while not finding any way to open it it does eventually open on its own. Revealed is a demon mask that attaches to the homeless man’s head. That’s where the comic ends….yup that was it for the third part.

So the roundup is this. Part one is readable and interesting but would be better if it was more fleshed out into a whole comic so 3 out of 5. Part two was short sweet and to the point and had some good twists to the story so for that one I’ll give a 5 out of 5. The last section was forgettable and weird so I only give it a 1 out of 5.

If you want to pick it up and see what it is like for yourself and let us know your thoughts and opinions we would love to hear them!

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