Draxis Comic Review: Deadpool vs Old Man Logan

Well here we are at the hotel for Necronomicon in Tampa for the weekend. Sorry things are going so slow this week, but we have been busy selling, selling, selling at what is looking to be one of our best conventions yet! But never fear, we gave you one comic blog and I’m not going to slack on the second one either! This week we had two from Vibranium Comics. Remember- Coming this Saturday the 28th is Halloween ComicFest. Remember to click the banner above to check out the Facebook site for Vibranium and see when all the festivities take place as well as any sales or contests they have going on (like a costume contest but you didn’t hear that from me!) and click on the bottom banner to check out their website!

So what are two of my most favorite things in the Marvel Universe? Thats easy Deadpool and Wolverine (whether old, young, or female doesn’t matter) So, when I was offered the chance to review a Deadpool vs Old Man Logan comic I was naturally very excited. The excitement didn’t last very long, however. Other than having a lot of shallow hack and slash action in it, this book had no real depth to it except for one unanswered question. This book was a basic Logan and Deadpool meet in some way and then bam fighting ensues, first between them and then between someone else that seems to be gunning for them both. Logan seems to think they are coming for him but when he attacks them they say something along the lines of not you, her. This makes us wonder why the one girl in this comic may be so important, but at the same time the rest of the comic never really addresses this. The comic as a whole just wasn’t impressive enough to really make us care about this person or why she is being attacked nor how Logan or Deadpool got involved or really…. Anything that is going on. I have to say I was a good bit disappointed in this comic, but if you like mindless hack and slash and don’t care much about a storyline, then this one will be right up your alley.

If you do pick up this Deadpool and Wolverine clash let us know what you think! We love hearing from our fans who read these comics too!

3 thoughts on “Draxis Comic Review: Deadpool vs Old Man Logan

  1. I am really thankful to you for your review at this time. As you have been busy in your special selling week; which is quite nice to know. I believe this place will be really good addition for you. When you will be back? So that we may get frequent reviews.

  2. Great, you have posted such a nice review as usual. I appreciate your continuous efforts for our ease and help. I will think again weather or not to go for this book. As there is no clear role of girl or any other mentioned in the book; so it will not make any sense to me.

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