Draxis Comic Review: A Clash of Kings Issue 1

Good day Draxisweb Fans! I know it’s been a few weeks since last I posted but we were on a much needed vacation! However I am back and during the vacation I was playing a bunch of new video games that I will be making reviews on in the next few days! While those will be coming soon right now it’s time for a new Comic review brought to you by the wonderful people at Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. They supply me with the things I need to bring you these cool little reviews so stop by and give them some love for working with us. Also for anyone going to the Ocala Comic Con this weekend be sure to check out their table! They are also having an in store sale during the Con this weekend with 10% off everything in store and 50% off the back issue bins I think it was so that will be this weekend from Sat the 10th to Sunday the 11th! As always you can check out their facebook from the banner link above and their website from the banner link at the end of the blog. Now to get right into this new Comic Review!

This time we’ll be looking at the first issue of A Clash of Kings. If this sounds familiar to you that’s because this is a comic adaptation of the 2nd George R.R. Martin book for a Song of Ice and Fire. Yes that’s right we are talking Game of Thrones here! To be honest going into this book was a bit daunting for me mainly because I did see that this is book 2 of a Song of Ice and Fire but I’, not sure f that means this is the second comic book in a regular book and if so where that book falls in the whole GoT mythology. To tell the truth I have yet to do ANYTHING in the GoT ‘verse whether it be follow comics, read the books or watch the TV show however all of the are on my to do list. The great thing I found about this comic was I wasn’t really lost when I read it even with it being a little of the ways in so that was a great start!

In typical fantasy fare we have castles and talks of dragons and knights and fools and kids with interesting diseases they survived as a baby. In typical George R.R. martin style we even see a death happening this early in the series though I won’t tell you who.

Most of this book was based around a child coming to talk to the maester to the king about the fact that a White Raven had come to the castle and that she couldn’t sleep due to the comet rushing across the sky. The Maester told of how the Rave meant that Summer was over and gave some ridiculous length of summertime that lasted like 10+ years….so yeah I guess as they say Winter is Coming (dun dun duuuuuuuun). Sorry moving on. The rest of the comic kinda tells who a few I would guess major names are from the King Stannis who seems to be only a Lord having had his kingdom stolen from him by family and with very few allies. There is a lady in Red who is pushing him to attack his foes while the Maester says it would be better to seek some sort of help even if it means giving in a little to others demands.

It is pretty cool seeing the little political shifting being done, the palace intrigue. The Artwork is quite good and I feel like I got a good beginning to a book rather than coming in in the middle of something. Also a point in it’s favor is that it has been done by Dynamite Comics which has a tendency to leave the advertisements till the end of the book so as not to disrupt the flow of the story which is something I greatly appreciate in a comic!

All in all I would greatly advise to get this comic series if you are a fan of A Game of Thrones or if you have wanted a good place to jump into the story from. From those that have read this and seen the show or read the book, how do you think this compares to the others?

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