Draxis Comic Review: Cassian & K-2SO #1

Hail and well met all of my friends out there! This is a busy week with my kiddo heading back to school and some very important, possibly life changing doctors appointments, but I’m  coming to you today with the second of 3 reviews for our weekly Comic Review. This review, like the last, is brought to you by the awesome people at Vibranium Comics. Vibranium is a good place to find some good games to play with others whether it be a TCG like Force of Will or a Miniatures game like X-Wing (both of which I am planning on learning to play there). So go on down to support your local geek scene and play games with some awesome people. As always, the top banner will have a link to their facebook and the bottom a link to their website.

Cassian & K-2SO is the newest entry to our comic reviews for this week. This tale is a prequel to the Rogue One film, so if you have a weird aversion to prequels like my best friend does, I warn you to NOT READ THIS COMIC. However, if you’re like a normal person and like to find out how certain things happen, how characters got together, and why characters are they way they are, then by all means go ahead and buy this one.

This comic delves into how Cassian and K-2SO got together. It shows why Cassian was where he was and how he came across the droid in the first place. It also explains a bit about how K2 lost the block between thought and speech and how he got reprogrammed to help the resistance.

There’s really not much to say about this comic. It’s got some good artwork, it has a good little story if you like delving into the “how did this happens” of prequels. All in all, it is a solid little tale and if you’re like me, a person who readily devours all things Star Wars, then this is a great buy and a good piece to add to your SW collection. This doesn’t stand out as overly special or unique, but it also doesn’t fail in any way in my mind. I can only hope this leads to some more cool adventures that predate the movie and bring us some good stories of some favored characters, whether it is more of Cassian and K-2SO or some of the other characters from the prequel films!

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so what are your favorite movies and who are your favorite characters?  If you buy this comic what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!  And as always, thanks for reading!

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