Draxis Comic Review: Avengers No Surrender

Here we are starting off the week with the last of the Comic Reviews from last week! As you saw we have been jumping right in with the reviews large and small from comics to games and much more. The final comic for this week comes to us from our awesome pals at Bearded Browncoats who have some exciting news coming out soon! That’s right, as for what this news is, it;s that Bearded Browncoats will be EXPANDING by adding a second location. The exact area for this second location is not yet known to the general public but I can tell you it’s in a major college town residing north of Ocala and from the pics that have been shown so far for it online, it will be a HUGE new store with plenty of room for gaming! So be sure to check the link in the banner above to access their facebook page and get all the news about the new location as it hits!

So this week, Bearded gave us a comic called Avengers No Surrender and several things hit me while reading this comic book. The first thing is that this comic was a good action packed #1 and lately they have been hitting some home runs in the Marvel Universe I think in their little limited series! I was a huge fan of the old and new meeting as you saw back in some of my old blogs about Generations, but lately they have also been hitting it out of the park with the new Phoenix Resurrection books and I think they have done it again in this book!

So general synopsis is this. We follow a random, mostly unknown, Avenger whose like third string that gets pulled out of arvels closet every so often to be in a book here and there and then something bad happens. Speaking of being pulled from the closet, it seems that the man once known as Living Lightning and now just Lightning is gay! Yu,p I never knew that, but then again I haven’t seen much of this char so no reason for me to know this. Anyway we follow Lightning through a bust of some car thieves and then suddenly his Avengers card starts vibrating as all hell breaks loose on earth. Then the action really kicks in as we see various avengers all over earth defending against an Earth gone wild as Earthquakes hit all over and building are falling and just all manner of bad things keep happening. From Space, it seems that the Earth and moon have been stolen and from Earth it seems that there is some sort of field covering the planet but they don’t know much else. As this continues, a whole gaggle of the worlds heroes and even villains get frozen somehow. This brings us to the end as all the Avengers that can have gathered at the mansion it looks like and it is a ragtag bunch made up of all the various types of Avengers out there from Unity Squad, to Occupy, to US, to whatever else is around these days, and it made me realize something. In DC, there has always been a core group for the JLA but then there’s like this auxiliary JL that is basically just about every Hero known…..that group is now the Avengers when it comes to the Marvel world. It used to be special to be in the Avengers, but now it’s kinda like if you have a super power they just hand you a card and you have reserve status…unless you’re an X-Men member then it’s very few and far between that have been in both groups. I think this really got bad during the whole 50 states initiative but it may have been heading that way before such happened.

So now everyone is gathered and suddenly this brand new person says that like always they will fight! Well who the hell is this new blond girl who has the same coloration as Sentry did and a big V on her belt? I think maybe a new Valeria Richards showing off some power, but I could be wrong. This is also when it hit me that one person who got hurt and could be dying was Jarvis! Is it because he has seen like every incarnation of Avengers and somehow Mind stuff wouldn’t work on him and he would call BS on this girl or is it just random that he got hit to bring things a bit more home to the readers that Shyte is going down? I don’t know but it never seems to end up good with the readers when a brand new character is brought in and made to act like they have been there all along somehow.

So, what did you guys think of this comic? Did you have the same feeling about Jarvis as I did?

1 thought on “Draxis Comic Review: Avengers No Surrender

  1. Ahhhh. An action-packed book that won’t let you lift your head up once you begin. I loved it from the beginning to the end. It had lots of hero activities and I liked and enjoyed the avengers plot. The emergence of the blonde girl is my favorite part.

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