Draxis Comic Review: American Gods #1

Welcome to the third issue of Draxis Comic Reviews! This time we will focus on a comic that started life as an award winning novel and has just recently started off a TV series on Starz. This comic is based off of the Neil Gaiman classic American Gods. A story where the gods have come to earth and it looks like there is going to be a big too do between the old gods and some of the new gods that our generation has unwittingly produced. What we have here is the first issue of the American Gods comic, once again, thanks to Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games for helping us bring you this blog. Keep in touch with these wonderful people at their facebook by clicking the banner above or their website by clicking their banner at the end of the blog.

So let’s just delve right into the review. As a writer and reader both I have to take this comic and just say AAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH WHY?!? There is one thing that you should never do as an author and that is to create what is known as an Info Dump. An info dump is where you just focus on one person place or thing and just tell everything about it without anything else going on. This entire first comic was one HUGE info dump. They took one of the main mortal characters (at least I am assuming he is mortal) and they info dumped his life. They told how he went to jail and how he acted while in jail and the fact that he was released early due to a certain thing that I am loathe to talk about because of spoilers. They then show him on a plane flying home and how he had to change flights and run between airlines and somehow this one weird guy knew his name without being told and this same guy offers him a job. That’s the whole comic, no real thing to hook someone in, no real action, no real anything other than an info dump. I wish I had read the book so I can tell you whether it falls the same way the book does or if maybe they are trying to keep it the same way as the tv show that just came out. Personally, the ONLY thing that caught my attention was the last few pages where a goddess swallows a mortal through her vagina. Yes you read that right. I mean how many comics can get away with having a picture of a female’s sex organs sitting on the last page after it went and swallowed a man….only this one.

As both a writer and reader, I believe that there needs to be something to catch your attention right away in a book and more so even in a comic book where you are limited in your pages. This comic did none of that. The main guy seemed too much mainstream guy who did something wrong and has been keeping his nose clean since. There was no real hook for me. I didn’t feel anything for the character until the end of the book when he was being released. The guy knowing his name and offering him a job out of nowhere was interesting but came too little too late for me to want to pick up book 2 and keep on reading.

Coming up in our next blog, a look at the 1st issue of a new Warhammer 40K comic, as well as a few new video game reviews. So keep checking back for new content and if you read any of these comics, make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts, do you agree or disagree with what I think? Also remember to check out your local comic shops like Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games and find a good series to dive into or play some games!



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