Dragons Rant: Wake up America!

So I am kinda stealing our kitten’s thing here and doing my own little rant. Sorry Kat! I wrote this shortly after the Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton we had in the US this year. Sorry it took a little while to post but I just needed to get this out. There may be a follow up to this as several more things that tie in have happened since then.

So this has been a huge weekend in this country….heck its been a huge week and a half for this country and I just need to clear my mind. I need to get this off my chest and I really don’t care if you agree with me or not. Before you keep reading, I will warn you this is kinda political. I know this is a hot button topic for a lot of people so just remember…this isn’t aimed at anyone, so if you start flaming me or insulting me or attacking me and my family for my views, I will delete your comments and block you from this site. Adult debate is fine… but keep it civil.

So in like a week and a half maybe less (I’m not too great at keeping the days sorted out at times….my mind isn’t what it used to be) we have had 3 mass shootings in our country. According to CNN, we could have had 4 but the other shooters grandmother got him to go to the hospital and get help and turn himself in thus stopping it. This weekend alone there were something like 22 people killed, though I’m not totally sure of the number as every time I open a news site that number climbs. One other statistic that I have seen on news sites is that as of Sunday we have had 216 days gone by in 2019…..yet in those 216 days we have had 251 mass shootings (this is considering a mass shooting where 4+ people have been hurt). So, this means we have had more than 1 mass shooting per day in this country, and yet our politicians and many of our people still refuse to do anything meaningful about it.

We see people offer thoughts and prayers, we see our president say hate has no place in our country (even though every day he attacks someone new in his twitter rants). We see people blame movies, music, video games, mental illness and this that and the other yet never going that one extra step to do something that can possibly help cut down on the shootings. I have seen people squarely place the blame at the feet of the democrats because “Why didn’t Obama fix this when he was in office?!?” Well maybe because the Republicans get paid by the NRA to block any gun policy changes? And I have seen people say “If I ever got killed in a mass shooting don’t use my death as a platform to take away people’s guns!” I dunno maybe I’m odd here, but I care more about my family and my neighbors than I do about guns. I own swords, I own knives, I own throwing stars and knives and I would love to own a gun and go shooting down at the range or in my parents backyard at the lake…but ya know if the government said “You know what to protect the lives of children, mothers, sisters and brothers we need to get rid of the type of weapon you have- everything else is fine but this particular one we aren’t allowing anymore” well the very first thing I would do is get rid of that weapon. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I place a much higher value on the lives of any person in this world than the value I place on my second amendment right. Honestly, I think it is a failure of our country that we seem to love inanimate objects that can kill someone more than we love the children in this country. Who knows, maybe for others to see like I do they need to lose someone in their family but I wish it wasn’t like that. It saddens me that so many need to experience some sort of profound loss or horrible disease to be driven to do something about it. We go on and on about Making America Great Again…well you know what would make America great again…caring about our fellow men.

Also, lets take a look at some of these mass shootings we keep seeing. El Paso was shot up by a white guy who had a manifesto about the Mexicans coming to take our jobs ect ect. Boy I wonder where he got that from…I mean it’s not like we have someone in power telling us these past 3 years that Mexico keeps sending over rapists and criminals. We have a person shooting up a mall area who is a white guy who has body armor and used an Assault Rifle with a high capacity magazine. He was killed in under a minute but he was still able to kill 9 people and injure something like 22 others…all in under 60 seconds….but we refuse to pass laws against guns and such that can do this sort of damage. The guy who shot up the Garlic Festival was Italian/Iranian and had books on White Supremacy….but ya know there are good White Supremacists right…I mean our president said so. The guy who was stopped by his Grandmom was going to shoot up a hotel and then commit suicide by Police. William Williams…He had an AK-47 that he got by lying to the gun shop about his residency….yet when we try to pass laws about better/stricter background checks we get treated like we’re insane!

Things have to change but I don’t see where they will. The left is hell bent on calling out everyone else for any perceived slight they give while the right turns a blind eye to every bad thing our president and GOP does. We have people being called racist because they don’t want to see the race of a beloved cartoon character changed no matter what the reason is they don’t want the change. How can you not feel attacked if someone is calling you things like that just for having an opinion? Recently, I saw a video where a black man who supported Trump said “I truly believe he loves everyone” yet we see the president insult and degrade people every single day on twitter. We get told in no uncertain terms by people in the intelligence community that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections and is even now trying to set the stage to interfere in 2020 but we have GOP lawmakers slapping down bills that could help protect our elections from these very things. The GOP won’t take steps to protect our election system yet they will gladly pass laws to the election system that makes things harder for some of our own people to even vote especially if they think it can help their side by making it harder for minorities. We see people saying “Our president isn’t racist” and we see him tell colored people who were born in America to go back to where they are from and if they don’t like America they can just leave. In some ways Trump was right about the 4 he called out on twitter he just didn’t realize that they were already doing what he suggested. “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” He said…well guess what 3 of them are where they came from and all 4 of them are already trying to help fix the broken and crime infested place they came from. After all they are Americans working in Congress to try and fix what they and many others view to be broken in America. 

I don’t care what you think about the stances of these new progressives that have made their way into government the fact is they are trying to make things better. They are going after Big Pharma, they are going after wage disparity, they are going after racism, they are trying to save our ecosystem. They are doing all this during a political time when the president sows hatred day in and day out, when our president rolls back as many environmental protections as he can, when our president and the GOP is trying to make it harder for people to get Health Care (yeah they aren’t protecting people with preexisting conditions in the GOP they are trying to get rid of those protections which will cause millions to lose their insurance or go broke trying to pay for it.) I don’t care what you think of these peoples policies the fact is they are trying something to fix what’s wrong and more people need to step up and do this!

As a nation we need to WAKE THE FUCK UP and start doing whats needed to protect those that need it the most. We need to protect our people from gun violence, we need to protect the sick from insane medicine prices and greedy insurance companies and private hospitals. There are so many things we need to do to make our country great again but the first thing we need to do is to look at what’s going on with open eyes and realize that it’s happening instead of denying it.

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