Dragon Eggs

Welcome to our new webstore. We have a main store that will be stocked with shirts and other gear for All Things Geek and Cancel Cancer however we need a special form for what I want to do here with the dragon eggs I make as a hobby. So see below for a gallery of the types of Eggs we make and what they look like. Follow the links in the menu above to go to the pages for the various types of eggs we sell. Once there you will find a form that will allow you to pick and choose custom colors to create your own custom dragon eggs! Types and Prices are listed below!

1 Color- $10

1 Color + Glitter- $11

2 Color- $13

2 Color + Glitter- $14

3 Color- $15

3 Color + Glitter- $16

Glow- $13

Neon- $13

Metallic- $15

Color Shift- $15

*Shipping times could take up to 2 weeks from purchase. This is due to availability of picked colors and shipping times for pieces to get to me plus the time needed to build it

**Colors shown on the websites are approximations as they will appear different on different monitors as well as the difference between pictures and painted metal.