I know you the users have not been seeing any spam posts and that is because I have things set where I have to approve all posts or comments from anyone that is not at author level on our site. However I have been running into a TON of spam comments some of which are coming from users and some are coming from bots. So as of this moment if I do not recognize your email or username I will be deleting you from our user list and you will have to reapply to our site if this happens to you. Why I am doing this is simple I think a bunch of our users are simply bot made users so they have an easy way to post spam. I have now activated a program called “Are You Human” that will have you play a game to register with the site or to make a comment. Bots cannot play the games it seems so I have it set that once you’re registered you won’t have to do one of these games. So if you have to re-register I do apologize however I am tired of deleting all the spam every day.


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4 thoughts on “Cutting Down on Spam

  1. This is a good move. I have had issues like this with my blog in the past and it was a life saver to bring on a program like “Are You Human”.

  2. Thanks for the update! I love the “Are you human” comment verifying program that you have. What’s the name of the plugin? Are you finding it effective? Are there any bugs? I might have to add it onto my website, and recommend it to some friends of mine that have been having this issue. Nothing worse then spending time going through each comment post to determine whether it’s spam or not. This problem is only going to get bigger, so best to kick it in the butt now. It’s also a fun little game to play – did you get to pick the game? I’ve seen some different variations of the verification game.

    1. It actually is called Are You Human….it seems to be quite effective as I used to have like 60 false comments a day and now it has pretty much gone down to just verifiable ones though every so often a sneaky one will get through. I actually have not looked at the games and such but am just using the default for it.

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