Thank you for your interest in the writing services I offer.  I bring more than 10 years of experience with content writing for a wide range of  media, including web pages, blogs, books, magazines, flyers, newsletters, ebooks, social media posts, product descriptions, and more! I have done writing work on just about every topic, and I am comfortable with most penscontent topics, so long as they are not heavily focused on math and sciences. My most prolific writings have been on topics such as: finances, family and lifestyle, health and wellness, pet and animals, gardening and landscaping, cooking, travel, fashion and jewelry, social media, business, marketing and advertising, real estate, interior design, games and electronics, computers, parenting, and more!  Please see below for my general rates and services- please note these are estimates and I can provide you with a more solid estimate after discussing your project and needs with you. So contact me at my email below and I would be glad to help you out!

General Writing- $2 per 100 words of content
Blog Posts – $3 per 100 words of content
Social Media Posts – Vary depending on platform
Website Content – $3-$6 per 100 words depending on industry
Flyers, Emails, Newsletters- $4 per 100 words
Product Descriptions- $2-$3 per 100 words
Study Guides-  $3-$4 per 100 words
Books/Ebooks- $3-$5 per 100 words depending on topic
All Other Writings- rate vary depending on topics