CONjure & WXW, what an awesome weekend planned!!!

This weekend if you’re in Orlando make sure you take some time to enjoy the nerd scene and the sports scene.

First join us at the CONjure convention on I-Drive and see some awesome guests and come say hello at our booth. Remember if you tell us how cool you think bubbles our dragon is on our banner we’ll give you a 20% discount on your purchase! so come join us on saturday and sunday..just check this website for times and directions

As if this wouldn’t be enough excitement for the weekend WXW is also making their Orlando debut!!!! So check out for time and location and come and join us in the crowd for an awesome saturday night!


See you all there!!!

4 thoughts on “CONjure & WXW, what an awesome weekend planned!!!

  1. Oh I wish I was there to meet you and to have a wonderful weekend in Orlando.. Maybe another time.. I hope to be able to make it to a convention soon, they just are getting so expensive these days aren’t they?

    1. Are you in the Florida Area? If so keep watching our blog and whenever we hit a convention we’ll be posting about it here. Right now unless things change the only other convention we are schedualed for this year will be Necronomicon the last weekend in October in the Tampa area. Would love to see you drop by and meet you if you can make it! I also totally agree on the pricing and in fact a later blog for this month will be talking about said pricing especially from a vendor side of things.

  2. I was at that convention and remember visiting your booth- your soaps are amazing. I bought a coffee scrub soap and absolutely love it! One of the best soaps I have ever used 🙂

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