Confessions: A Sister’s Love

Confessions: A Sister’s Love

Part 1 of Slavers Bounty

by: Kathryn Coryell

The drive was seeming to take us forever. I sat in the passenger seat looking out at the mist that clung to our rearview mirrors and the trees that lined the curving road we were slowly moving down. The day so far had been overcast and not at all pleasant, but at least the mist hadn’t turned into a downpour… yet. I glanced over at my sister who was carefully scanning the sides of the road for signs of where our turn was and sighed softly.

“What is it Andrea?” she asked softly.

“Well, I’m just wondering how it is that you talked me into this? You always seem to talk me into things that I really don’t want to do but this time what we’re doing is so totally out of my comfort zone that I am honestly amazed you got me in this car at all!”

“Well I can’t help it if you can’t say no to a pretty face, especially if it’s your sister!”, Aurea looked at me long enough to give me a huge beautiful smile that truly could melt just about anyone’s resistance.

I went back to looking out the window, muttering under my breath about how unfair it was that she seemed to have this uncanny power over me. She started to giggle for a moment but then let out a small yelp and twisted the wheel hard to the side to make a turn that was mostly hidden behind some bushes. Unfortunately, this made me clunk my head on the window.

“Sorry, Andrea! The sign was really well hidden. Are you alright?” she asked as she brought us down a road that quickly became nothing more than a dirt trail that seemed intent on trying to make me slam my head into something once more.

“Yeah I’ll be fine Aurea, just try to keep the car on all four wheels from now on, please.” 

I was rubbing my forehead softly, but I didn’t think there would be a bruise. I hadn’t hit too very hard but I wanted to milk her of whatever sympathy I could get since she was dragging me on this trip. Finally, we came to a clearing and parked alongside a cabin with several other cars. As I opened the door I noticed that the mist had, for the most part, stopped, and true to the weather forecast from this morning the sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds. Stepping from the car, I had to admit that this camping locale had a very nice view and after the hike to the campsite, if the brochure was to be believed, the views would be even more spectacular. This campground promised a oneness with nature, no ties to the outside world unless you come back to the cabin, stunning waterfalls, and clean rivers, and it was all tucked away in a breath-taking mountain setting. At least that’s the parts that my sister had read to me. She failed to mention the more interesting part of this excursion until I had already agreed to the trip as part of her 25th birthday present and made the arrangements.

Just thinking about the little things she had forgotten to mention had me sighing once more as she rushed around the car to grab my hand and pull me towards the cabin. “Come on we don’t want to be late for the orientation!”

“Heaven forbid we miss that.”, I said a bit sourly and Aurea made a face at me.

“Cheer up, you’ll enjoy this and we’ll have a great time I promise!”, was her reply as she opened the door and pushed me through it before following herself.

I stood just inside the doorway for a moment letting my eyes get used to the dimness of the room we had just entered. Between the clouds that were just breaking up outside and all the tree cover, the inside of the cabin’s front room wasn’t filled with much light other than what came from a small desk lamp on a table and two small bulbs focused on a map on the wall. Crowded in the center of the room was a group of people consisting of several nervous-looking couples and a few single men who seemed a bit too happy to be there for my liking. As we entered, a park ranger stood from behind the desk and smiled waving us in.

“You must be the two from the Chellis family, now that you are here we can start our orientation and let you all pick your campsites!”

The first part of the orientation was probably the hardest part for me seeing how the part my sister forgot to mention was that this camping experience was to all be done in the nude. A real get back to nature by being au natural type of deal. So first the ranger handed us bags with our names on them and we all stripped right there and then put our clothes into the bags and handed them over. This didn’t seem too hard for my sister but then again with a figure like hers she had nothing to be ashamed of, unlike me. Once we were all naked and the ranger started droning on about the various rules of fire building and safety in the woods I couldn’t help but zone out a bit and look around the room at everyone else that was there.

Most of the people were your average person, a little plump in the belly, or maybe a bit on the skinny side but nothing that really stood out, well not for most people. A couple of the single guys were already staring at my sister and had raging hard-ons that stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the other nervous men in the couples who were most likely only here because their wives thought this might fix something in their marriage or maybe add a little spice to their lives that had become boring and monotonous. I have to admit though a bit of jealousy was creeping in at the attention my sister was getting, but I really couldn’t blame the guys.

Aurea was a Latin beauty; she stood a tall 5’10” and had curves in all the right places. No matter where we went, her lovely caramel-colored skin and chocolate-colored hair always caught the attention of just about everyone. It didn’t hurt that she had the hourglass figure that most girls would kill to achieve either through various exercise routines or by paying huge sums of money for plastic surgery, however, they never really hit that perfect shape that my sister had naturally. To top it all off she had fairly large breasts, just the right size where they still seemed to defy gravity a bit somehow yet large enough that most men probably daydreamed about face planting into them. Those perfect breasts my sister had were tipped with dark nipples that just seemed to beg to be sucked on. If this wasn’t enough Aurea had an ass that could put Kim Kardashian to shame, just the right size and shape to have everyone staring as she walked away from them. I think the worst part is she knew just how lovely she was and she flaunted it with how she dressed in public. That always made me, even more, self-conscious than I already was when with her.

You see whereas my sister was an awesome beauty I was a bit plain I always thought. I was shorter than her only standing at 5’5” and I was skinny and lanky. I didn’t really have all that many curves, though I was proud of the ones I did have, even if they paled in comparison with my sisters. I have long straw blond hair that fell to the middle of my back, about the same length as my sisters, perhaps a little longer since I hate getting my hair cut. I swear it actually hurts to do it, though my sister thinks I’m just crazy on that point. I have small breasts with nipples that I think maybe a touch too large which always makes wearing tight shirts fun since no matter what I do I always look like they are hard. The only part of me that I would say really stands out are my eyes which are a soft shade of green mixed with brown, many people have said they look almost golden when the light hits them right.

I sighed softly once more, a bit disgusted at how obvious those guys were in staring at my sister, and as though she could read my thoughts her hand found mine and she gave it a soft squeeze which brought a smile to my lips. She was always able to make me smile. We may not be much alike but we grew up together in the same orphanage and for some reason when we were adopted out our parents had taken us both. The Orphanage had never tried to separate us when we were kids and it even seemed that a few times we were almost adopted out separately but whenever that happened it seemed the workers would steer the potential parents to some other kids. Maybe I was just imagining things since I was just a child at the time, but if they had done that I am glad they did. I still remember the day the Chellis family came and adopted us and our lives changed. As we left that day, the kind woman who ran the orphanage pulled me aside and told me to always watch out for my sister. She said that she may be a few years older than me but that she would always need me. She also told my sister to always keep me near and for the most part, we have always done just what the director told us. That was one of the only reasons I was here today standing nude in the middle of a room with a bunch of other nude people. Yeah, I was going to get Aurea back for this one day, I don’t know how but I would find a way.

As the orientation came to a close the ranger invited us up to the map on the wall, pointed out where the boundaries for the camp were, and told us that we could choose a camp anywhere within them. Most of the camp was wooded though towards the northern border of the camp was a clearing that ran along the path of a small river that seemed to be fed by a waterfall. The river had several streams break off of it that wandered in and around the camp and it was near these small streams that most of the people chose to make their camps. My sister held us off until last and smiled when she saw no one had made camp near the spot she had wanted yet. When it was our turn to choose a camp she pointed to the map right near the base of the waterfalls and gave the ranger a huge smile.

“Right there would be perfect!”

The ranger smiled her agreeance, handed us a small map, and drew a line down a service road and right to the spot that my sister selected. “A great choice… it’s very beautiful there and this is one of the few spots you can get to easily by car. Most of those other groups are in for a heck of a hike.”

I hate to say it but when she mentioned the others being in for a heck of a hike I think the ranger had a very devious grin. I think she enjoyed the idea of those naked people stumbling around in the woods. Sure enough when we got outside maybe only half of the cars were gone and we knew from what the ranger said that most of them would only get about halfway to their final camping spot before having to walk. We made our way to the car and once we were in and buckled Aurea turned to look at me grinning brightly as she reached over and patted my leg.

“Cheer up sis! This is going to be great. I scouted this place out a few weeks ago and we have the BEST site in the whole place. A lovely waterfall, a river that’s running fast enough that there aren’t any mosquitoes but slow enough that we can still bathe and swim in it without any problems! It’ll be a great chance for us to bond and spend some time together!”

“We could bond at a nice indie wrestling show and dinner. Which I think you will owe me several of once we get out of here. I mean hell did you see the way those guys were ogling you, I bet it’s less than a day before they end up getting ‘lost’ and somehow finding their way to our campsite!”, came my reply. I couldn’t help but grin at the grimace that came to my sister’s face as I mentioned wrestling. She never was able to understand how I enjoyed watching that. I personally couldn’t see how she couldn’t enjoy it, I mean a bunch of well-built guys in what amounted to speedos rolling around in the ring, that sight sure made my night whenever I went to a show!

Aurea just laughed at me and started the car, “If that happens we just put the ‘big strong men’ to work gathering our firewood and such and then say goodbye to them when we are done using them and send them on their way!” She put the car in gear and taking a quick glance at the map pulled out of the parking space and started towards our campsite.

Even by car, it took a good ten minutes to get to our destination and once we did I was glad that Aurea had picked out our campsite. She was right the waterfall wasn’t too far off and the falls framed in the mist off of it was truly beautiful. They were maybe only 50 yards tall, but to me, they were one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. We parked within the tree line and started to unpack our gear.

“Let’s take the tent over there that looks perfect!” Aurea exclaimed and picking up the tent moved about ten yards from the car still within the tree line and set the bag down within a small clearing between several trees.

I started to help her unpack our tent and set it up. I was a bit amazed at what I saw once we got the tent poles in. The tent had long straps coming out of it and catches like you would see in a truck’s tie-down straps. Aurea took the straps to several of the nearest trees and wrapped them around them. I watched as she worked to connect them just over her head.

“What are you doing?”, I asked as she started ratcheting in the first strap and motioned for me to do the same for another.

“Well, Andrea when I went shopping for things I made sure to spare no expense and got one of the best tents out there. Once we ratchet all these straps tight the tent will be suspended off the ground and be like a giant hammock. It’s supposed to be a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground and this way most animals will leave our tent alone too while we are out here.”

“That’s pretty cool!” I exclaimed as we got the tent halfway up, “but I do have one more question, what are we doing for bathrooms out here?”

“Oh that’s easy the Ranger will be along in about an hour with one of those porta potty things for all the camps, she has a vehicle that can get to all the camps to drop them off.”

“Ah ok, that works out nicely then,” I replied as we finished setting the tent up.

It wasn’t too much longer until we had the camp fully set up with coolers of drinks and our fire pit dug out with a stack of wood nearby. We had some folding lounge chairs set up near the waterfalls where the mist could gently caress us and keep us cool as we sat out in the sun. The ranger was quite taken with our site when she came out to drop off our portable bathroom. She even said that if she had a site set up like ours she would be very tempted to leave the comforts of her cabin and join us out in the wilderness.

The rest of the day was actually very relaxing for me which was very surprising. We spent most of the day lounging in the chairs by the waterfall just relaxing and working on our tans. Well, Aurea was working on her tan I was just working on trying not to let my lily-white skin turn lobster red. I never did tan well but who knows there’s always a first time for everything. The day went fast with us just relaxing for the last part of it talking and telling stories and laughing at stupid little jokes like we did as kids. The night was just as pleasant as we tried to scare each other with ghost stories we made up on the spot while we cooked a meal of hot dogs over our small fire.

Eventually, it was time for bed and I couldn’t help but hope that the rest of the week was as wonderful as today had been. Pulling on a strap we released the rope ladder that let us get up into the tent and climbed up inside. It felt like we were crawling on a very tight trampoline that was stretched too tight to bounce on too much. I had to admit though, that the tent was much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground where roots and rocks could be sticking up in our backs. We laid down next to each other and pulled a light sheet over us. In the middle of the night I ended up waking up as I felt my sister snuggle up tight to my side, she laid her head softly on my small chest and draped her arm over my stomach.

“Aurea? You alright?”, the only reply to my question was a soft snore, and so I just held her close.

The next morning I woke up and realized I was alone. I smiled remembering just holding my sister close the night before almost like we had done as children and I hoped she was alright. I vowed I would ask her later that day if anything was wrong. Before I could move all that much, I realized that I was smelling the campfire, eggs, bacon, and fresh coffee floating into the tent on a soft breeze. I climbed out from under my sheet and reached for clothes just to remember we didn’t have any. I crawled to the door of the tent and stuck my head out looking down to where my sister was cooking bacon over a small fire with a coffee kettle hanging over another small fire on a cooking tripod.

“That smells heavenly!” I exclaimed.

“Well then get down here sleepy head!“, Aurea said with a laugh.

Breakfast was just as wonderful as it had smelled and afterward I went to lay down on one of the lounge chairs by the waterfall and just rest and digest. Beside me was a load of dishes for me to wash in the river once I was done resting which was fine with me, only fair I clean up after such a wonderful meal cooked by my sister. Even as I thought that with a smile she grabbed the other chair, moved it close to mine, and sat down next to me reclining only a slight bit. She looked over to me and grinned seeing my smile.

“Wait….wait I should get the camera! You look like you’re actually enjoying yourself out here!”, there was a note of triumph in her words.

“Of course I look like I’m enjoying myself, that was a very good breakfast, much better than the instant coffee and microwave breakfast sandwich I usually eat while running into work.”, I smiled warmly to Aurea and reached out to take her hand “Sis I want to ask you something… are you alright? Last night you came and snuggled up to me like we used to do when we were kids, still scared and feeling alone in our new house.”

She gave my hand a little squeeze and looked like she was about to answer but then got up and stretched languidly her hands reaching up to the sky as though she were trying to pluck the sun from it. Then she started to run for the river and called back over her shoulder to me;

“I’m fine! Come join me for a swim!”

I narrowed my eyes at her for her obvious evasion tactics. If there had ever been one thing I was better at than her it was swimming. So getting up and giving a slight stretch I raced for the river and once I got a few feet in I gave a shallow dive into the running water. I had always felt right at home with the water and now was no different as I used the river’s own momentum to propel me on and behind my sister who was waiting and watching the wrong area of the water for me to resurface. I came up behind her almost silently and the noise of the waterfall and river drowned out any noise I may have made that would give me away. Slowly I snuck closer to her and finally pounced her from behind sending us both splashing into the water once more. I wrapped my arms around her and stood up laughing as she sputtered and squirmed but I wouldn’t let go.

“Uh uh sis not till you tell me what’s going on”

“I love you” came her quick reply.

“I love you too Aurea but I’m still not letting you go till you tell me what’s up?” though I did loosen my grip a little as I said that.

She used the loosened grip to turn in my arms until she was facing me, she looked a bit scared and then whispered softly, “I said I love you.” Before I could reply to this she leaned in and kissed me deeply, this shocked me enough to drop my hold on her and she swiftly slipped away and ran back to shore and to our tent as I stood there wondering what had just happened.

Slowly I followed Aurea to our tent, rolling her words around in my head as I went. She loved me? Of course she loved me we were sisters, maybe not by blood but there wasn’t a time that I can think of that I wasn’t right there with her. She was always family she was always at my side. Even once we graduated high school we went to the same college, we roomed together in an apartment just off of the campus. While our jobs took us separate ways we still roomed together, and thinking of it I had never seen her bring home a boyfriend or girlfriend. A person like my sister who had a killer body and could have anyone she wanted had never…

My brain just kind of stopped as the revelation hit me and I swiftly climbed the short ladder to our tent to peek my head into the flap and see her crying huddled in a corner. I swiftly moved to her and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. Right away she snuggled into my body and wrapped her arms around me laying her head on my shoulder. Her body shuddering against mine as she cried. My hand moved to slowly run through her long brown hair as I placed small kisses upon the top of her head

“Shhhhh, I’m sorry Aurea I….I didn’t know… I never realized.”

She shivered in my arms and slowly looked at me sniffling softly as she spoke, “You’re not mad at me or disgusted with me?”

“Well I’m kinda shocked and surprised, but why should I be disgusted or mad that a beautiful woman loves me?”

She sat back and looked at me as though searching my face for a lie, one hand coming up to brush tears off of her cheeks and out of her eyes. “Why? Maybe because we are sisters.”

“Well yeah, but I thought about that as I came after you and well we aren’t blood-related so it shouldn’t matter right? Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

She looked down as though ashamed as she answered, “I was afraid I would lose you, and I never want to lose you, you’re my only true family as well as the only one that I have found I love.”

I smiled and pulled her in close and tight and gently placed my own kiss to her lips, I didn’t kiss her deeply as she had me but instead I kissed her with a tenderness that showed all the warmth and love I had for this beautiful woman who had just confessed her deepest secret to me. I tried my best to reassure her that I would never leave her with that kiss and it wasn’t too long before I felt her arms wrap softly around my neck as she returned it with just as much love.

When the kiss finished I held her close for a long time until the tears had stopped and her body quit shaking. Still, I held her close wanting to do nothing more than show her that I was never going anywhere. She curled up against me a soft smile upon her lips that just grew in brilliance as I whispered gently into her ear, “I love you Aurea, always have. I guess I never realized just how much though, until I heard you tell me the same thing. I shall never leave you.”

I gently moved us so that I could lay down and pulled Aurea with me. We laid there on the soft floor of the tent just relaxing in each other’s embrace. My thoughts whirled around and around on how true my words were and wondering why I had not seen this clearly before. I had never tried to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, my sister’s company had always been enough for me. I loved her so much and thought her so beautiful but it took her words to show me just how deeply that love for her went. At the same time, I marveled how I had never seen before that she had loved me. The nights we spent together snuggled on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn, the dinner dates for no real reason where we would both dress up in our nicest dresses as though trying to impress each other. She too had never seemed to try and find a boyfriend or girlfriend but I figured perhaps she was just not bringing them to our apartment to try and not be rude. Shows how wrong I had been to never see this through the years. Eventually, we both ended up falling asleep.

After a good long nap, a loud noise woke us both, I looked around after sitting up swiftly and accidentally dropping my sister’s head to the floor of the tent. “What was that?”

She would reach up for me and gently pull me back down to lay beside her once more and laid her head lightly upon my breast tilting her head up to kiss my chin. “Probably just some animal in the woods, don’t worry about it sis.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” I smiled softly and ran my hand through her hair looking down at her.

She moved for a moment to lean up and place a soft kiss to my lips and then as she pulled away I saw a mischievous glint in her eyes.


In answer, she lowered her head back to my breast and gently locked her lips onto my nipple sucking softly upon it. A soft gasp of pleasure escaped my lips as I watched her and felt my nipple harden with excitement between her full lips. My eyes closed partway as I gently cradled her head to my breast with one arm.

“Oh god Aurea don’t stop!”

I felt her smile against my chest as her tongue flicked gently against my nipple eliciting a soft moan from my throat. “I wasn’t planning on stopping”, she murmured against my soft flesh.

After a few more moments of teasing that nipple, she did stop however and looked up at me smiling brightly, happier than I had ever seen her and I knew that my smile was mirroring her own as I looked down at her.



“I want to show you just how much I love you, will you let me do this?”, she asked almost hesitantly.

Smiling down at her still I raised one hand to gently brush against her cheek and nodded softly. “You may do whatever you wish to me my love. I want to know…to feel just how much my beautiful sister loves me.” I replied in a whisper.

Aurea moved down to my feet and picked one up her fingers beginning to gently massage my foot. I looked down at her quizzically having not expected this as her way of showing me that she loved me. She gently massaged both of my feet and then when she was done she didn’t put my right foot down instead she raised it up and gently placed a kiss to my ankle, then a playful little nip was given to the bottom of my calf. I squirmed a bit with pleasure but also because the bite was so light it had tickled. She started to trace little nibbles and kisses up my calf before trailing her tongue ever so slowly along the back of my knee. I couldn’t help but make a sound that was half laughter and half moaning at that as I squirmed in her grip. She held my leg tight not letting me escape though I knew she would stop with just a word. She gave a playful little bite to the back of my knee as well before trailing more kisses and nibbles up my inner thigh. As she got higher on my thigh I laid back my eyes closing with the pleasure she was bringing me, soft moans of pleasure now escaping with each sensuous little bite given to my soft flesh.

She made her way closer and closer to those soft folds between my legs placing kisses and nibbles all around but never yet touching those soft lips. Finally, she ran a finger gently over those folds and whispered a gentle question. “May I?”

My entire body shivered with pleasure as I felt her finger gently caressing my soft folds and in a soft whisper that could barely escape from the moan that was already pushing through my lips I gave my reply, “Yes, don’t make me wait any longer!”

She smiled brightly and with those simple words, all the hesitancy in her seemed to have vanished. Her fingers moved to spread those soft folds and she lowered her head once more to slowly explore me with her tongue. My body shuddered with pleasure and as her tongue flicked over my clit a soft cry of pleasure escaped unbidden from my throat. After a few more deep lapping movements of her tongue, as though she were trying to taste every bit of me that she could, she then closed her lips around my clit just as she did with my nipple earlier. Softly she began to suck on my hard clit, her tongue flicking out bringing the most exquisite pleasures to my body. I couldn’t keep my body from shuddering as wave after wave of pure pleasure radiated through me. Finally, my back arched almost violently as I let out a cry of pleasure, my hands wrapping in my sister’s hair holding her to me as I came hard for her.

As the tremors began to subside I let go of my sister’s hair though she took that moment to once more slide her tongue deep within me to lap at my juices as a cat would lap up her milk. A few more soft shuddered ran through me and then my sister moved to lay beside me once more.

“You taste amazing Andrea…” came her soft voice and then she started giggling as I felt my cheeks flame red with a blush.

I stopped her giggling with a deep passionate kiss as one hand moved to gently caress her breasts. My fingers moved to tease each of her nipples until they became hard. Playfully I nipped at her lower lip and smiled as I heard her starting to echo the soft moans I had been doing just a few short minutes ago. My hand started to trace lower on her body brushing lightly over her smooth stomach. Within moments, my fingers were brushing over a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair before finding the soft folds I had been looking for. Her moans got louder as my fingers played gently over her and then slowly slid into her. Our kiss deepened as I pushed my fingers deeper into her but then she broke away from the kiss to moan loudly. As her moan cut off, I heard a soft scream and I looked at Aurea in surprise as she stiffened against me.


“That wasn’t me!” came her swift answer as she pulled away from me.

We sat listening, knowing no one was camped close enough to us that we should have heard any screams. Within a few minutes though, it came again, and it sounded like it was moving closer to where we were. We sat there frozen, holding each other’s hands in stunned suspense as we waited for something to happen. 

To be continued!