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As you guys have already probably figured out from my reviews of such games as Empire Z, Galaxy Life, Riders of Berk, Jurassic Park Builder and Game of War, I enjoy world building games. So it will come as no surprise to you that I come to you today with a brand new World Building War MMO to discuss. This one is called Clash of Kings! The concept of this game is simple. You run a small kingdom in a fantasy based land and it is your job to build up your kingdom, fight monsters and possibly fight other players as well.

cover_1423517734292_800BUILDING- Like other MMO games of this type you have some set places where you can build, an interesting feature in this game though is that you can expand as your kingdom grows. So while you may have too many farms and wood cutters to begin with, once you get to the point where you gain new buildings you can also expand into the wilderness a bit and unlock new tiles to build on. As with many other games of similar design (Empire Z and Game of War) Clash of Kings has it setup where you can create certain buildings inside of your castle walls and certain buildings (mostly resource) outside of your castle walls. However, unlike those other games mentioned some of these buildings and yes some of them are even resource buildings are not available until your castle reaches a certain level. Also unlike the other games mentioned if you cannot access the resource building in your kingdom yet then you also cannot occupy that type of resource tile. So while this is similar to other MMO games it really does have a dynamic all it’s own as you are building and shaping your kingdom.

clash3_1423104631935_800TROOPS- Just like other MMO games there are a few basic types of troops in this game, so far from where I am there are 4 basic types. You have your foot soldier, you have archers, you have mounted soldiers and you have seige weapons. Unlike Other MMO games though, each of these troop types have their own building that you must construct inside of the walls of the castle. Also, most other MMO’s when you are training one type of troop all other training is halted, not so in Clash of Kings however. You see just for the heck of it I set one of each type of troop to train and I think I have about 90 of each so it wasn’t likely to be a short train you know, and it allowed me to train all of the troops at the same time.  The only time they stop you from training is when you are upgrading that building.

clash2_1423104613889_800BATTLE- most of the other MMO’s out there have a world view and you can see monsters and go out and do battle. Most of these games have a very simple graphic of your army walking in and then something to show battle that is very simple and then your army walking out. In this game you can see your various units spreading out on the battlefield and letting loose with their weapons. I have yet to fight another player yet- aside from my wife who I won’t attack- but the monster battles are kinda nice too. You see most MMO’s are like “oh you as a level 1 want to try and attack a level 20 monster sure go ahead and try!” whereas this game says “Before you attack a level 2 monster you must defeat a level 1 monster” and so on down the line. This way you don’t get over your head or frustrated by wondering why you are always losing your battles. Another cool thing about their battle system is that most MMO games have hospitals but they are only for those that are injured in attacks on your city, in Clash of Kings the hospitals are outside the castle walls and will heal troop that went out to attack a monster.

RESEARCH- In this game like many other MMO’s you have research to do. This time it is broken down into Military, City Developments, City Defenses, and Resources. Each has their own skill tree of things you can research and each has multiple levels that you can research. However there is more! Your alliance also has a research ability that allows things like getting more people into your alliance, helping with construction, adding more slots for team attacks, and increasing the max number of troops you can rally!

All in all I have been having a lot of fun with this game already and have even started my own guild. So if you’re in kingdom 193 feel free to look up the player Thalra and the Guild Draxis Dragons and join us for some fun!

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5 thoughts on “Clash of Kings Review

  1. Excellent review. Although these games are very similar to each other, after all it’s an established style, I always look for more and more. I didn’t play Clash of King yet, but now it’s on my list. Thanks!

  2. I too love build games. I love these games because to play that you need to build something and it takes some time. So you have to work hard to build your empire. So I love such challenging games. I did not try this particular one but will surely going to try it. Can I get this on my iPhone?

  3. Yep I’m also a major fan of world building games. However, my issue is that they almost become part of my daily routine. I wake up and there I am, making sure that everything is upgraded and that I am destroying others as I go. Satisfying but undeniably addicting I must admit. I will be sure to give this a look at when I’m not on Empire Z or Riders of Berk.

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