As we get closer to the end of the year I want to push forward with the restructuring of the DraxisWeb product, webpages and social media presence.

First, on Facebook, we are discontinuing All Things Geek….we were going to start doing pages for a lot of things instead of the one group however we’ve decided against that. I started ATG to be a place to promote other geeks that I meet around Florida at conventions and that I meet online through Twitter and Facebook. What it turned into was a group that never grew beyond 200 people and that for the most part stayed silent except for me posting a lot of news articles which most people never reacted to. This isn’t what I wanted to do with this so we are stopping this part of things. We will be keeping some Facebook pages as well as keeping our Twitter stuff going and once we finalize these things we will make some new posts about where you can find everything. What we will be focusing on on Facebook will be DraxisWeb Productions which will basically be all things that we physically create including our chainmail, dragon eggs, geek heating bags and whatever else we add to this arsenal of items. We will also create a DraxisWeb Publications where you will be able to find all things print media we do which will include our books and where to find them, our blog posts, our fanfiction posts etc. Last but not least we will finish off our triumvirate of Facebook pages with our DraxisWeb Gaming page where you can find all our blogs and videos for our gaming things as well as weigh in on what you would like to see reviewed. This page will have both video games and table top games included.

What this also means is that hopefully this weekend or soon thereafter you’ll start to see changes here on this site as well. We have upgraded to a purchased pro theme so the entire look of the site will be changing soon hopefully for the better. We also have new logo’s one of which you can see on our site already but we also have a more fearsome look for bubbles to go with our gaming section. Our links and such will probably be disapearing for about a week soon but I’ll be sure that the search function is left up as well as archive widgets and such so you can still find things on the site.

All of this is going to hopefully make things better for you and help us keep things updating faster. So stay tuned and catch you all later!