Authors for a Cure History


Authors for a Cure is an initiative to help cancer patients in any way possible through the use of storytelling. As a cancer survivor myself I know there were many times in a doctors waiting room or in the hospital recovery from surgery that I used a book to escape from my pain. While I didn’t have traditional Chemo I can just imagine what it would be like to be stuck in a chair for however long it is with a needle in your arm getting your medicine. I know many places are setup for the patients maximum comfort so if they want they can read or listen to music ect. However I also know that the costs for going through cancer treatments are not cheap and some patients can’t afford new books. There are several ways we are seeking to help these warriors and for that we are reaching out to our Author communities.

How can an Author help?

Donate some of your books to us and mark them for use as giveaways and we will make sure they get into the hands of a cancer warrior that needs it!

Donate coupon codes for free e-books and we will make sure those go to cancer warriors who could use them!

Write a short story to donate to one of our anthologies and all proceeds from those book sales will be sent to either the American Cancer Society or a select cancer research charity of that month (ex March for Kidney Cancer, October Susan G Kommen ect.)! Also these books will be included in our giveaways to cancer warriors!

Donate some of your books and mark them for sale and we will sell them at the various conventions we go to under the Authors for a Cure banner and all proceeds from those sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society or a select cancer research charity for that specific month!

Please help us make a horrible time in someone’s life a little easier to cope with!

Contact us @ with any question!

Please note any donations will be featured on our facebook group as well as the author being featured on our webpage!