Kevin Coryell is the Founder of DraxisWeb Productions. When DWP started, it was known as the Tri-Worlds Gaming Forum and was going to be a new Role Play forum to try and bring the glory days of Rhydin back to AOL RP. However, the state of AOL Role Play had fallen past most redemption and so Kevin decided to revamp the Tri-Worlds Gaming Forum into something a little broader that could bring fun and enjoyment to more people in several different mediums.


The beginning of DraxisWeb Productions was seated in a youtube channel known as Draxis Magic. In Draxis Magic, Kevin and some of his friends made several videos to help teach children (and children at heart) how to do simple magic tricks. Some of these tricks needed props and others just need things from around the house or from your pockets.


Later, Kevin then expanded DWP once again by adding three more YouTube channels to his page. The first was called DraxisInsight, where he made a few video’s using a program called XtraNormal State just to have fun and talk about geeky things. Then there was DraxisFan, where he created movie/show clip video’s for some great geek rock. And the last channel was DraxisReview, which is where he started to review various things going on around Florida. DraxisFan and DraxisReview are planned to keep going; however, with the collapse of Xtranormal State unless we find a new program DraxisInsight will not be growing.


A few years ago, Kevin finally realized one of his dreams of getting published. He achieved this goal by getting a 66 word story published in the Anthology “Twisted Tales” by Kimberly Raiser. Kevin kept this publishing trend going by selling a short story called “The Hunger” to Trinity Gateways for one of their Anthologies and had a non-fiction short prose included in a book called “Zombie Writing” where he talks about his experiences with writing about Zombies. Shortly after this, Kevin finished a kickstarter campaign and was able to create an illustrated version of a parody poem he had created called “’Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas,” which he then self published through Createspace and Smashwords.


Kevin has many more ideas that he hopes to see come to fruition through the DraxisWeb banner from assisting Indie Authors get their names out there by giving them chances to be published in Anthologies to fun book reviews by his spokes dragon Z’ress.