ATG Toy Review: Star Wars Xcavations

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So today we have found a toy from Star Wars we thought our son might like when he is older, so we decided to get one and see just how cool it is. Normally when it comes to Star Wars things, I love them they are awesome. This one however was a bit of a letdown but still awesome in it’s own right. It’s kinda on the confusing side of things.

Let me start by saying I have always loved the excavation kits that I have seen in stores. I have never gotten them because, I mean I’m an adult and adults don’t buy toys right(ok so this one does and I’m not ashamed and not gonna apologize for it…I honestly just never got around to it with these types of toys!) I always thought these little science kits to be cool though as you were supposed to find dino bones and such in the kits and use mini tools to scrape away the hardened sand and be like a real archeologist digging up fragments of the past on your kitchen table. Well this looked to be something of the same thing as it is a Star Wars Science Xcavation set. Looking at the label it looks like you dig up skulls of different Star Wars species which is pretty cool! For a whole $5 I think it was that’s not too bad a price unlike some of the other bigger kits that usually cost $10 or more so we thought why not give it a try?

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So, upon opening it you can see from my pictures there are a few oddities right off. First it didn’t come with any tools. You need tools to excavate things right? So as you can see in the pictures I found a travel toothbrush and used that. This made for a good pick and a good brush though the first part wasn’t used at all. In the picture you see the block of blueish grey “rock” with some bones already sticking out of it. Well that’s not rock, nor is it even hard sand that needs to be chipped away. Nope it’s just a firmly packed kinetic sand. I didn’t need my tool at all to get the bones out I just picked them up with my fingers and they pulled right out letting the block lose its shape. The brush part did come in handy though as some particles were sticking to the bones, it also came in good for cleanup of my TV table.

To me, this was a bit of a let down. I mean I love the skull. You can see the Zabrak skull is pretty cool looking and the crate is kinda interesting. What sucks though is this Xcavation kit required no real excavation. It was sand packed around a bunch of plastic and packed into a box. The only reason it kept the block shape was because it’s kinetic sand but the moment you break the form by removing things t just crumbles into a pile. You can get this same reaction by going to the beach with some toys and a paper cup and you’ll get the added bonus of a beach day that way!

Now I’ll probably go and buy some more just to collect the skulls as they are pretty cool and a good build if they all compare to the Zabrak one. And my son will likely find the kinetic sand cool so I am sure we will get at least a little play time out of that.  However to use this as a science toy with a kid…not even close!

What do you think? Have you tried this or similar excavation kits? What has been your experience with them? We would love to hear your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “ATG Toy Review: Star Wars Xcavations

  1. The absence of tools was a let down! Perhaps they have some other toy package that’s just tools (considering some companies do just that to milk more sales out). Also, I can understand why they’d use kinetic sand, so it wont make a mess like normal sand but it doesn’t work so well in the authentic “dusting” off just like real excavations, then again perhaps they’re trying their best with the toy! I think I’d still buy it for reasons that I’d like to try it out myself. Great review Kev, I think it’s an awesome idea to do reviews on cool toys you find! I’d love to read on them.

    1. The kinetic sand might…”MIGHT” not make as much of a mess as real sand. However in the hands of a special needs five year old like we have in the house…lets just say when he found daddies new crate and opened it….well the vacuum had to come out and a bath was required.

  2. Hey Kevin,

    So glad I read this review. When I read the first part, I thought what a great incentive for the kids in my Sunday School. It’d make a great prize. Well, turns out not as great as it sounds. I can’t imagine any kid playing with this for long. As you said, the skull is cool, but the excavation process is non-existent. I imagine you could probably invent your own excavation with some sand and some toys to bury.

    1. Indeed I was thinking the same but maybe with some clay or something similar so you would need some sort of actual little picks and such like they would actually use. Honestly I am getting more of these though to make a skull necklace for my dragon puppet….a bit macabre I know but hey Z’ress is worth a few bucks here and there.

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