ATG Top 10: Beautiful X-Men Women Who Kick Ass

Welcome back to our Top 10 geek lists. Sorry things haven’t been as quick coming out as I had said they would be, but there has been a lot of crud going on with the ATG family including a 3-week loss of internet. However, we are back up and running and better than ever with an even faster connection speed. So, we already had one Top 10 blog and it was a bit long so we are working on tweaking the way we write these. This will be our first one with the new format so please let us know in the comments which you liked more!

The ATG Top 10 blog for today is going to be my favorite female X-Men but we are splitting this into 2 lists. This first list is going to be the Beauties of the X-Men but it is going to be a list of the ones that are not the normal ones you see on these types of lists. These women are beautiful and can kick your ass as good as the others can, but they aren’t the most well known or the most mainstream of characters so tend not to be on many lists. I will follow this up with a second list that is made up of the usual suspects.

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Talia Wagner also known as Nocturne is an Alternate Universe child of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch. She has inherited her father’s looks and is quite the beautiful fuzzy elf. Her powers are very interesting as she can take over someone’s body similar to Jericho in the Teen Titans from DC Comics. She can also fire “Hex Bolts” which are bolts of energy from the same dimension that Nightcrawler teleports through when he ports. Talia is mostly known as part of the X team known as the Exiles

Blink has got to be my girl crush in the X-Men universe. This pink-skinned beauty was introduced in the Age of Apocalypse storyline where she viewed a good guy version of Sabertooth as an adoptive father type figure. Blink later became the leader of the AU hopping team known as the Exiles along with Sabertooth and Nocturne among others. Blink has also been in one of the X-Men movies and maybe more notably in the X-Men based show known as The Gifted. Clarice has the powers of teleportation by creating portals with these crystal-like spears however in The Gifted she simply created portals between her outstretched hands as though ripping through space itself.

This lovely lady is the dream X-Men for anyone who is into furries. Part female Sabertooth and part Wolfsbane in looks and demeanor she was a frightening part of the X team known as X-Force. She is more of a feline version of Wolfsbane in a way. She is an Anthro type character but unlike Wolfsbane she does not have a full animal nor a full human-looking form but is always basically stuck in between. She has a healing factor just like many of the animal-like characters in the Marvel Universe have.

Amara is an awesome character that I was introduced to back in the 80’s when I read the New Mutants comic. As part of the New Mutants she used her power over molten rock to great effect once even using it to blow a hole right through the Beyonder (during the Secret Wars II storyline). Magma can take on a glowing fiery form when she uses her powers. It is said she can move tectonic plates near her, she can call upon molten magma in the ground beneath her to create mini-volcanoes among other things. She can throw flame but tends to use molten rock balls over just pure flame. Amara is from a place known as Nova Roma but most of what she knew from that time of her life was a manipulation by the energy vampire known as Selene (one time Black Queen of the Hellfire Club) magma is certainly a beauty that can kick anyone’s ass and turn them into a crispy critter at the same time.

Jubilee to me has always been a cutie. I always liked her when she first came into the X-Men by nursing Wolverine to health when his healing factor wasn’t the greatest. Through the years, Jubilee has received a lot of fan hate, but I always thought it wasn’t justified. She could be annoying at times but then again so was Boom-Boom and several other young female characters. A lot of people say her power to make fireworks or plasmoids as she calls them is a stupid power but it has been said if she really wanted to she could cause major destruction with those little fireworks. Through the years Jubes has been an X-Men and a part of some of their New Mutant type programs like Generation X, but she has also been a teacher for the X-Men as well. She has had her fair share of ups and downs during the years from being depowered during M-day to becoming a vampire for a time.

Magik is the younger sister of Colossus. Her power is to teleport people using stepping disks that she controls. These disks transport people through time and space by taking them through a dimension that Illyana controls called Limbo. When Illyana was just 7 years old she was kidnapped into Limbo by the demon sorcerer named Belasco. Illyana was trapped in Limbo for 7 years where she gave up part of her soul to make her soul sword weapon. She was corrupted by Belasco and as such has a demonic form known as the DarkChilde. When she was finally rescued from Limbo by the X-Men at 14 years old she had been trapped for 7 years yet only seconds had gone by in the normal world. Illyana is an accomplished warrior with the sword, a teleporting mutant, and a demon sorceress. This blonde Russian beauty is lovely as a human or as the Darkchilde and can kick the bad guy’s asses easily in either form.

Transonic is a character I am only just starting to learn about thanks to reading some of the newer X-Men books on ComiXology. I thought Transonic to be a very lovely blue girl but I got very confused by some of the art for her as she has lines that look like clothes covering the right areas to be covered and yet they would also draw butt crack when they drew her from behind. So was she nude or did she have some sort of tights on that just always gave her a wedgie? I finally found out the answer when I found a graphic of Glob I think it was talking to her and he asked if her superhero costume was just her walking around naked. So yeah, this lovely blue girl just goes around skyclad when fighting the bad guys. If only I had that much confidence in my looks I would love it!

Once more we go to the New Mutants for this next entrance into Beautiful X-Men that could kick your ass. Danielle Moonstar is a Native American who is a mutant as well as a Valkyrie. She has a soul bond with Rahne Sinclair and also is the rider of a pegasus from Asgard. Dani’s power is to pull an image of someone’s greatest desire or fear and create a Mirage of it. At one point her powers started to manifest her mirages as real things that could harm her targets. Dani has been a New Mutant and X-Man for a while but for a stint, she was also part of the Mutant Liberation Front. I always thought she was a pretty cool character though I wished I had read how she became a Valkyrie cause that dynamic always kinda confused me.

Paige is the younger sister of Samuel Guthrie one of the founding New Mutants known as Cannonball. Paige’s power however couldn’t be further from Sam’s though if they tried. While Sam flies through the air like the cannonball he’s named after Paige instead can transmute her skin into other forms in probably the most disgusting way possible. This beautiful country girl is named Husk because she changes by literally ripping her skin off like a corn husk to show a new form underneath. Keeping with the ick factor Paige at one point had a relationship with Angel and even made love to him while flying out in the open right above her own parents!

There are honestly tons of characters we could put on this list but there is one that I want to put on as an Honorable Mention. In many ways, Rahne Sinclair is like my comic book spirit animal. She is such a sweetheart and woefully naive in the ways of the world. But I have a feeling that in many ways I would be like her, at least in the beginning. Wolfsbane has always been one of my favorite characters and she almost made number 1 on this list but I left her off the main list because I feel kinda biased in my liking of her. She is how I would want to look, she has a power similar to what I would love to have and she is innocent and sweet which is how I basically think I would be. It just kills me how badly she has been treated in the X-books throughout the years to be honest. From an adoptive father that called her a devil spawn to becoming a Genoshan slave to eventually being killed simply because she refused to hurt some humans. I have seen Rahne on the covers for some of the new X-Men books and when they bring her back the way they have been the other dead mutants I hope they don’t change her too much because it would just break my heart if she wasn’t her normal sweet self. Rahne is one of the Original New Mutants but has also been on X-Force, X-Factor and the X-Men through the years.

Last but certainly not least by any means in beauty and in the ability to kick your ass is Hope Summers, one of the most badass redheads to grace the pages of the X-Men comics. Hope started as a baby that heralded in a New Era of mutant powers emerging. She was the first mutant born after M-Day and many believed her to be the Mutant Messiah destined to either Heal or Destroy the mutant race depending on who you talked to. She was immediately attacked and her mother killed but the X-Men managed to save her and sent her into the time stream with Cable to be raised. She returned a year or so later all grown up and she started rekindling the powers of mutants around the world. Latent mutations were flaring to life and it turned out Hope was able to repower some mutants who had lost their powers in M-Day Hope views Cable as her father and she is a fierce fighter because of his teachings. She is scary in how far she will go as she has in the past shot Cyclops in the head destroying one of his eyes! Sorry, Grandpa!

And there you have my listing of the top 10 X-Men beauties that could kick your ass (the unusual ones). Do you agree with this list? Who would you have maybe put on it instead? Sound off below on what you think about this list! If you like what we do and want to help us out you can either go to HERE and leave us a tip or you can become a Patron/Sponsor by clicking HERE to go to our Patreon page. Click the banner below to be taken to our facebook group where you can join us as we share news about anything and everything Geek!

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