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Just going to leave this here and if you want feel free to comment, but keep it civil. I won’t argue with you Batman fanboys out there, but if you ask me I think the Dark Knight is not as pure as a lot of people take him to be. I know he’s no angel of course, but I think he could be a bit Darker than just what his Batman persona shows. The answers to how dark lie in Batmans mainstay as sidekicks, especially the very first Robin. We see Bruce Wayne take in a very limber gymnast from a circus who is just a teenager. He then makes this teen a sidekick but he refuses on this first one to adopt him. He then puts him in a very bright costume with short shorts so short that the other side kicks make fun of him. But hey, he has great legs may as well show em off right? To top it all off though is the kids name is Richard but he goes by Dick. When Dick breaks away from Batman and becomes his own man, first with the Titans and then by changing himself to Nightwing, he has a bit of a falling out with Bruce. I think there was a hidden tension there that the comics never told us about but expected us to realize, especially since when Dick became Nightwing he in essence name and costume wise left the Bat family and moved to team Superman, a big F you to bruce if ever I saw one. And now in the trailer for the new titans show they even have Dick saying F batman. So could it be:


Could Bruce Wayne/Batman have used Dick sexually? Should Robin be part of the #MeToo movement?

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  1. Dr. Frederick Wertham called and he wants his work on Seduction of the Innocent back. All kidding aside, I think you just have to take everything in the spirt of when Batman and Robin were published. Obviously, sensibilities were different back then whether it’s a bright flashy costume, the name Dick, or Bruce Wayne living with his ward. Just reading comics from the 90’s gives me all sorts of comedic material to work with. I wouldn’t overthink this too much unless you come up with something really profound.

    1. The sad thing is I never read that work you talk of and never heard about it until years after I first had the thought. The fun thing is I haven’t overthought things yet….if I did I am sure I could come out with much worse about Batman and indeed many of the heroes who had young sidekicks. Every story has a darkside…especially when you delve into it with an open mind. Whether those darksides are meant or not they do just find their ways out at times. Now personally I wouldn’t mind if Batman was gay…..after all it works for Midnighter and Apollo quite well….I would have just rather they had let the innuendo been about someone of legal age.

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