ATG Game Review: World of Warships Legends

Welcome back to All Things Geek game reviews. Today we are going to go over a game that we had been playing for a bit when it first came out…took a break from for some reason I can’t remember off hand… and now have come back to for an everyday bit of fun play. This game, as the title of this blog has given away, is World of Warships Legends and it is brought to you by the same people that made the fun World of Tanks game.

So as the title suggests, this whole game is about warships and ship to ship combat. I had tried this on the PC years ago but my PC was never really good enough to run it correctly and until recently my net wasn’t fast enough for the PC version either. However, the game is now out on the PS4 and other consoles and it ran great on the slower net speeds I had when I was topping out at 8mbps. And now that I run around 150mbps, I have no problems at all!

The ships in the game are split into three groups: the nimble and lightly armored Destroyers, the middle of the lane Cruisers, and the big bad Battleships. The basis of these ships are ones that were created around World War I and span popular ships ranging from American, UK, Japanese, and German ships among others! 

The smallest ships, the Destroyers, are fast highly turnable and can throw up smoke screens to hide their fellow ships. They can be destroyed fairly easily if you can catch up to them but if you let them get too close they can be deadly with their torpedo volleys. A good destroyer captain will know how to weave the ship back and forth so as to slalom through incoming fire. These guys are particularly deadly against the Battleships who have the slowest mobility, turning, and rate of fire. One or two good hits from a battleship can easily take out a destroyer but if they miss the speed of the destroyer means they can get close and fire off their deadly torpedoes.

Cruisers are a good all-around ship and a jack of all trades, especially the U.K. cruiser line. The cruisers have more hit points and armor than the destroyers but not as much as the battleships. The Cruisers are faster than battleships but not as fast as destroyers. Cruisers have better guns than destroyers and unlike most (but not all) battleships also have torpedoes. The new U.K cruisers also have the smoke screens of the destroyers and the repair party consumable that is most common in the battleships making the U.K. cruisers especially deadly and tough.

Battleships are slow to move and turn. Battleships guns take a long time to get on target and reload. However, while this sounds like it would make Battleships horrible their HUGE hit points and armor make them floating tanks and the damage their huge guns do is incomparable in the smaller ships. One volley of a battleship’s guns to the citadel of anything smaller than itself can kill the smaller ship even if they had full hit points. The big thing with the battleships is to usually keep back and defend the base. As a battleship, you have the biggest guns with the longest range and if you stay back you can take the time needed to let the guns swing where you need. There are some but only a few battleships that have torpedoes and you will learn to fear them quickly and be on the watch for those in games!

Anyway, we love this game here at All Things Geek and would love to see you on our team sometime. So feel free to send a friend request to XyanyaVieme on the PS4 and maybe we’ll fleet up sometime! Do you already play? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game and stories about your best adventures in the comments below.

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