ATG Game Review: Wonka’s World of Candy

So welcome back to another game review. Sorry we didn’t have any comic reviews for you last week but we ended up with a slow new comic week. Can’t get cool ones every week after all! So lately we have been working to play a lot of new games on mobile to see what free things can be fun and good. So we have several new ones that will be worked on over the next few days as well as that we are downloading 3 new free games on Playstation that we will be reviewing as well. Right now though let’s get on with our first mobile game and remember these reviews are sponsored by our sister site Cancel Cancer. Be sure to check out our facebook page for them by clicking on the banner below! At Cancel Cancer, we do our best to bring you cool shirts to raise money for cancer charities. We also share news and information about whatever cancer information we find in our own social media feeds from people we follow. We currently work with the American Cancer Society but have plans to expand to Extra Life, St Judes and KCCure, all of which are near and dear to our hearts in their mission and who they help.

So onto our review, this first one is for the match 3 game known as Wonka’s World of Candy (aka Wonka’s World in the app store). This is actually a combination game which sees to be more and more prevalent in the match 3 games recently. What I mean is it is both a match 3 game like say Candy Crush or Toon Blast but it is also an environment (city) building game.

The whole basis of the game is Willy Wonka (the original movie version played by Gene Wilder) is back from some trips searching for new candy flavors and such and is getting ready to open his factory for the tour with the golden tickets from the movie. So we have a prequel here. However, to open the factory up he has to do some major repairs as time and Slugworth espionage both have taken its toll on the factory in his absence. With the help of Oompa Loompas and you the player, you make decisions on how to decorate the factory and get things working again. How you gain the things to decorate with however is by playing the matching game each of which has a certain goal (ie. collect so many of this color candy or break free x number of gummy worms). When you bet a board, you gain a star get enough stars and you can unlock the next area to plant a candy bush or put in a street light or plant plants ect.

In the beginning, I quite loved this game; it was fun and had interesting little twists to each board. However, as I got further and further into the game I started to loathe it as I found the boards harder and harder and since the drops of the new candies were done by RNG (Random Generation) like all other match 3’s there was no guarantee of having what you need to win increasingly harder and harder levels. This made me want to buy coins to add just 5 more moves in a level as I would be sure I was just one or two more moves away from winning (usually I was but 4 dollars again and again to beat levels can get expensive real fast!) So it turned out that by about level 60+ I was starting to get really frustrated especially since I try not to spend too much money on free games if I can help it and being just 1 or 2 moves away from winning and having to restart just frustrated the hell out of me. Eventually, I deleted the game as I try not to do things that frustrate me too much.

All in all, I enjoyed the building part. However, the match 3 part left something to be desired in my opinion once you got further along. So, if you are hooked on things like Candy Crush and Toon Blast then this game is an easy thing to get addicted too as it has a good system of power ups and some good ever-changing challenges to have to meet through the various levels. If you love the match 3 games and find the building to be fun then I highly recommend this game for you. However, if you get easily frustrated by RNG and match 3 games then I would say stay away from it as it will quickly grate on your nerves once it gets to the levels around 60+ and they start getting harder and harder in the challenges.

I would love to hear what you may think of this game if you’ve played it, so comment below and let me know! Also, if you enjoy our reviews and would like to see us review more pay games instead of just free ones or maybe start adding things to Draxis Magic then be sure to help support our site by going to and leave us a tip so we can make this site even better for you!

2 thoughts on “ATG Game Review: Wonka’s World of Candy

  1. I actually love your game reviews. Not a heavy gamer but I like playing games every so often. This gives me the Candy Crush feels for sure, just by looking at the photos alone! But I had fun passing the time with Candy Crush so this might be fun for me too. The storyline integrates the Willy Wonka world so I get how this would be fun for those who are fans of the movie. Will try it out!

  2. I’ve read your review and totally agree with everything you said but want people to know that the RNG factor I believe is completely rigged by Zynga… I’ve been playing and am now on level 780 and have been there for several days and like you said you’re always one or two moves away from winning/beating a level…I’ve spent way too much money(more than I should of) on this game only to get extremely frustrated! I’ve been to all of the cheat sites and watched over and over how they complete each level claiming booster free while playing and my version never starts out the same as theirs does and that makes me extremely curious as to why??? Are the cheat sites really Zynga game programmers playing?

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