ATG Game Review: My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire (Edited July 9th)

Welcome back everyone to one of our first forays back into the game reviews for this week. This first review is for the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. We have been working on this game since about December and think its more than time enough to bring you some thoughts about it. This blog is presented by our sister site Cancel Cancer. At Cancel Cancer we are selling shirts and buttons and such to raise money to donate to various Cancer Charities to help promote Cancer Awareness and Research. At Cancel Cancer we see how only 2 or 3 cancers ever get the spotlight and we believe we need to fight for all the cancer warriors and survivors out there. The cancer ribbons come in a whole rainbow of colors and thus #AllCancersMatter not just pink and gold. If you would like to help us or read some of our cancer blogs then click the linked banner above to head to our facebook page and the banner below to head to our website.

A few years ago, I did a review on a cute little game called My Singing Monsters. This was back when my 5 year old was just a little baby and loving any bit of music and drinking bottles and not doing much else. Now my son is 5, and while he loves music he also loves monsters, so he loves watching this game as much as he used to love listening to the old game. Dawn of Fire is a prequel I believe to the older My Singing Monster game and gives a set of new monsters as well as the ones we all knew and loved. Many things in the game are the same from raising monsters by feeding them to eventually moving them to other islands once they are leveled up. Just like the old game there are some special monsters that are only available on one island though this time it is through a game of chance that you get to do each day and the monsters are switched out each month as a “celestial” monster.

I have been enjoying this quite a bit, but I do have one very HUGE complaint… so I hope the makers of the game go and read this blog and listen to my complaint seriously. In all the outlier islands you have the space to place every monster there is and as far as I know you can put several of each if you wished. However, on the main island where you raise the monsters to get to those outlier islands, you are limited by the size of your castle and I found out that the castle does not have enough upgrades at max to accommodate all of the monsters that can be made. So right now, I am at max beds filled on the islands but with like 9 or more monsters left to make I think it is…I’m not even to my level 4 monsters yet. One of the big things in this game however, is that every island has its own song and every monsters song changes depending on the islands they are on. So this means you can only hear the complete songs on the outer islands and will never hear the complete song on the main island. I think this is a huge failing. I would be more than content to wait out building and maybe even spending to buy gems or something to build my castle more if it meant I could hear the completed song. Not being able to hear the main song as a whole is a huge downfall in the game I think. In fact, since I can’t fit any new monsters this has made me go from playing the game several times a day to playing only every other day or so when I remember. This is because now it’s not as important feeling since I can’t add more until I get rid of some. The problem is I can’t get rid of what I have as my level 5 island is full from what I have and I can’t gain the ones I don’t. In addition to this, the leveling of what I have is so slow right now as everything is now wanting 3 or 4 different things that it’s taking forever to get them to level 10 to ship them off and open some beds up. Right now I play mostly to get the celestials and slowly level the others up as I can.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable game with cute monsters and some good beats. With a couple downsides I would say this ends up with a 3 out of 5 in my ratings book! If you could get all monsters on the main Island I would raise that easily to 5 out of 5 and start playing every day again. Heck I’m even tempted to buy some of the shirts or singing plushies off of amazon for my son.

Have you played this game or it’s first one yet? If so what do you think of it? Do you miss the Ghazt and trying to light torches for friends to get it?


I have no problems with telling people when I am wrong. This is why I have a tendency to link my blogs in twitter to whoever made the games that I am reviewing. You never know what tidbits will come about from it…for instance with both War Dragons and Dreadnought I have been able to take part in their creators guilds because of it. So I am happy to report that in only a few hours after I posted this review on twitter under our Cancel Cancer name that My Singing Monsters got back with us and let us know that you can expand the beds on your continent by buying a second castle! So the one problem I had with the game may not be a problem after all! I’ll be sure to do a followup blog about this at a later time!

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  1. Awesome work as always, Kev. You are right that all cancers should be supported and equal focus on, that’s like leaving someone with a certain type of cancer out just because his/her cancer diagnosis isn’t the one that’s common or most supported. I hope for more progress in that endeavor of yours. Also, it’s nice of the developers to reach out, I think it reflects on how well the game is supported.

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