ATG Game Review: Hungry Shark Evolution (AKA: EvoShark)

Welcome back all my little kittens. Your favorite kitten Kathryn here with another game review. Today I won’t be doing a rant because I was asked to review an interesting little mobile game for the IOS. It was a free game you can find and I’ll let you know below just what I, the pissy kitty, thought of it (ok I might rant a little no guarantees).

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So onto the review! This time we have an interesting little game lovingly known as EvoShark which is short of Hungry Shark Evolution. Now I have just learned that EvoShark has a new Playstation 4 and Xbox One version called Hungry Shark World but we will be concentrating on the free IOS version we played on our iPad (the one on the consoles actually costs $9.99). The basis of the game is easy – you’re a shark and your whole purpose is to go around and eat everything! The more you eat the more you grow and the more you grow the better you can eat. Once you grow your shark to full size you can then upgrade to a bigger better trash disposal of a shark that can dive deeper and eat bigger and badder things!

As you can see from these pics, we have a few of the different shark forms shown as well as the fact that there are some special sharks that you can buy (after all every mobile game needs some micro-transactions don’t they). They have things you can upgrade between…boards? Matches? Feeding frenzies? Not sure what to actually call it as you kinda play till you run out of health and then just play again on the same board. With how much I played I’m not even sure there are other boards because I never got to others (though I did teleport to another board at one point somehow).

So this game is interesting…you get to eat fish and people swimming and then eat some more. You can jump form the water and eat birds and jump onto docks or boats to eat more. My biggest complaint is how you control your shark on the game. You see, you have to touch the screen and then drag a little in the way you want the shark to go which kinda blocks your view of some prey and sometimes your shark. Then they have you tapping to do a speed boost but it’s hard to drag and tap at the same time so you have to start tapping with a different finger than what you’re dragging with otherwise you just slow to a stop instead of boost and if you don’t have good small motor skills it gets very confusing and hard. It just didn’t seem user friendly to me on how to control things. I would hope the console version would have a better setup since it’s with a controller and not a touch screen.

So. overall I have to say this game is fun and cute but not well set up from a control stand point. Have you guys played this game or do you think it’s something you would like? Sound off below and let us know what you think. If you like what we do here go ahead and drop by and give us a bit of support and then we’ll be able to buy some games to review for you so that you know whether they are worth it or not.

Coming soon we’ll have some reviews for Apex: Legends and the online RPG Tera both on the PS4 as well as some other games like the newish Spiderman and Anthem! So keep checking back for some new game reviews!

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