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Welcome back to my litter box…err sorry I mean my new gaming reviews on All Things Geek! This is everyone’s favorite Kitten coming to you with a new blog about a brand new AR game that has just come out for a very popular movie franchise! That franchise is Ghostbusters and their new game Ghostbusters World. Just like Jurassic World, this is a try at cashing in on the Augmented Reality games. Unlike Jurassic World however, this one has succeeded in my eyes where the big Dinos failed!

Truly my biggest fault in this game is the fact that the cartoon characters they are using for it are the Ghostbusters that are currently being drawn by IDW Comics which honestly, I think look stupid. Otherwise, the graphics for the ghosts and the proton packs and everything else are pretty kick ass so I don’t know why they didn’t just use the likenesses from the movies or maybe the Real Ghostbusters franchise that people know better.

So for this game, we made a character for myself and anyone in All Things Geek that wants to play just like we did for Pokemon Go and named her KittyAM….the name was really hard to make for some reason. We tried Kitty Asano and we tried KittyAsano but both names had invalid words in it…not sure why or what was wrong. Eventually, KittyMA worked so we settled on that and we made a nice pretty redhead character like most characters I play as. The creation was good but like many of the games like this, a lot of things are hidden behind a microtransaction pay wall…such as a proton pack with a kitty head on it (yeah I wanted that due to my name and such) or the pack from Extreme Ghostbusters or Real Ghostbusters and such. They also had different jumpsuits like the movie version or the one from the new all female cast movie.

So for catching the ghosts, you have to blast them for a while to weaken them using your proton pack which is upgradable through the game. You could also use Boson Darts to wear them down or even discorporate them. Once they hit about half health you can toss out a trap and using your particle thrower which switches from blasting to a containment stream automatically you guide the ghost over the open trap for around a second or more depending on the ghost and once the timer is gone the ghost gets sucked into the trap. Now like Pokemon Go there are various levels of traps and you can either get them from catching ghosts or from going to a Dimensional Door (their version of a pokestop) or you can even make them using your coins which you get from catching ghosts. Now so far I have just been using the basic traps and so far they have been working fine to catch the ghosts.

This game has a few different ways to play the first way is a normal Pokemon Go style map where as you walk around your town or wherever you find ghosts on the map and catch them. So far I have been able to find a good number of different ghosts and not a ton of one certain type. So right now it does not remind me of the Pokemon Go’s Pidgey or Rattata that seem to infest every other block instead there is a good mix of different types and different ability ghosts.

Another way you can play is this has a Story Line mode. In this mode is how you unlock a bunch of the other things like better weapons and traps and such. It also teaches you how to play the game early and shows you how to beat some of the harder bosses and such.

The last way that I have found to play this requires ghosts that you catch and train. This takes place in the ghost dimension and since you can’t go in you have “trained” your ghosts to go in and fight for you. This ghost training is what takes the place of Pokemons Eggs in that you have Ghost shards and you can put them in a machine and create a ghost for your team that is a trained ghost and extra ghost shards ad such is how you raise their powers. The fight between ghost teams is a simple thing with a normal attack and a special attack and you pick which opponent you go after and hope to kill them before they kill you…really simple.

This does remind me though that when you are doing the regular ghost busting in the normal game mode and the storyline modes you also have a health bar and the ghost will attack you. If you don’t hit the counter button at the right time they will hit you and your health goes down so you have to catch them before they get you! So actual battles unlike in Pokemon Go or Jurassic World!

I have to also point out that one thing that’s much better than Pokemon is the fact that even in the middle of nowhere Florida where Kevin’s parents live, during a pool party shortly after Halloween (yeah it’s only now getting cold down here), I was catching ghosts like crazy in the backyard no problem. Kevin, however, could not find any Pokemon unless he used incense and even then only got one every 5 minutes!

So, all in all, I would actually rate this a little higher than Pokemon Go. Kevin isn’t as fond of it due to the fact that any speed driving shuts down just about everything in the game, which isn’t good for him and his disability but makes sense from a safety standpoint. One big let down, however, is the size of the file which was somewhere around 1.5 gigs I think which is really huge for a mobile game! Honestly though, if you have the room for it on your phone or tablet I highly recommend it!

Have you guys played this game yet? If so we want to hear what you think! So sound off below! Also, let us know below how you would feel about a Ghostbusters 3 that brings back the living members of the original cast, is this a good or bad idea to you? Should they stick with the female cast or did you hate them as much as some people did? Let us know below and remember if you like our blogs and want to support our work be sure to drop by and drop us a tip!

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  1. I got mine. It’s great. I managed to get alot of ghosts including Slimer, the Librarian (aka the Grey Lady, also known as Eleanor Twitty), and I defeat my first boss in Story Mode: Zuul.

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