ATG Game Review: Empires and Puzzles

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So we come to you today with another interesting combination type of game. This one like our previous Wonka’s World game review is of a match 3/city building type of game but this one is a little different. In this one, the matching is not based on finishing a level by gaining x number of pieces or anything like that instead it uses the match 3 game to combat fantasy type creatures. Also in this city building instead of building things for aesthetic purposes, your building is more like in your typical city builder game where you build houses and such that supply you with materials and troops.

For the match 3 side of things, I enjoy these puzzles more than the Toon Blast style because you’re only using your matches to cause damage and you don’t have to reach certain goals. It doesn’t matter if you match 45 blue and 80 yellow pieces what matters is that you just match pieces wherever you can as fast as you can before the enemy hits you back. I have seen many games like this just like Battle Gems on the consoles. I enjoy this a lot more than the Toon Bast style because while it is still a match 3 game with RNG the lack of the challenges makes it easier to complete boards. While you might still fail a board here and there it’s because you haven’t built your army good and that’s on you mostly it’s not ever going to be a “damn I missed this by one move and I see that move right there”kind of deal.

For the city building part of this one, it is a typical city builder type of game where you build up your city to provide things like metal and wood to build other things and food to train troops and even places to build your troop units. Usually, I dislike this type of game because while there are places in the world to do PVE gaming usually you end up having to attack other people or other people attacking you constantly in a PVP setting. I honestly HATE that kind of game because for me to have fun in a multiplayer setting I typically like engaging games where you help others. I also find it disheartening to be constantly attacked by others as I’m trying to level up my own city so I have a tendency to stay away from those games that make you attack others when it’s a building game. Mind you if it’s a battle game I don’t mind because to me that’s the point of the game while in a city builder I find attacking actual people and not just NPC’s to be an unnecessary secondary part of the game.

So I did quite enjoy this game except for one big thing that was a bit of a switch in the match 3 side. See, most match 3 attack games I have played will have you attacking one monster and every attack you do hits the same monster or if there are multiple monsters it will attack one at a time or whichever one you aim at. In this case though what you had to do was make matches UNDER the monster you wanted to attack. This made it a little harder and it also meant when you get rid of monsters on one side of the board you couldn’t use that side to do anything which can become frustrating if that’s the only side you have matches on!

I did find this fun as a game but the damage falling on just what’s above your attacking side got annoying enough to me that I ended up deleting the game. I have a low tolerance for mechanics that I don’t enjoy and this was certainly one I wasn’t fond of. However, if you like the city building games where you build armies and like match 3 games this is certainly one to try and play.

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